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HACCP Sauerkraut

HACCP process

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#1 Nolafoodie23


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Posted 07 July 2016 - 07:02 PM

Hello All,

New to HACCP and need a little help getting started. I will be making sauerkraut with a one week ferment and would love some input on creating a HACCP plan. I need help putting all my findings on paper the correct way.

-I will be using a food grade bucket with an airlock attachment (plate to keep product submerged under brine)
-Filtered water
-Making sure cabbage is kept submerged (anaerobic environment)
-No chemical or psyical ( I can be wrong)
-Biological- listeria monocytocenes

For my CCP would they include:

Temperature- monitor temp levels
Mold growth (is it okay for me to scrape it off and continue with the ferment?)
Salt ph levels (I will be using a 2%brine)
PH test strips (making sure it is below 4.6)
Washed and cleaned mason jars
Pack product in to jars with brine to cover

Any feedback will be appreciated! This is overwhelming and if I can get a little input and help I can go on to the next recipe.


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#2 Charles.C


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Posted 08 July 2016 - 07:41 AM

Hi Nolafoodie,


Fermented vegetables is a wide topic and possesses an equally wide literature.


Your precise requirements (=Scope) and particularly the DETAIL may depend on why/for whom you are doing this project. I have assumed yr OP is US State regulatory oriented. if not some of the following may be superfluous/irrelevant to yr requirements.


There in no unique procedure for haccp, ie different options may be equally generically acceptable but also depending on the previous lines of text.


The usual, initial, basic haccp requirements are to sort out the requirements for Prerequisite Programs PRPs (~SSOPs~SOPs) / CCPs. This will include various of the items mentioned in yr OP. Particularly see the 1st attachment below (US perspective) and possibly the last one, ie sau5, the latter is European oriented although there are many overlaps.


As a side note - the related product "Fermented Pickles" has been previously explored here in some detail from safety/haccp POV, eg –




(2nd more focussed on fruit pickles)


Sauerkraut haccp plan has been previously requested here 2-3 times but not much info./ templates afai can see.


In the context of local US State requirements for HACCP plans some basic safety/haccp aspects for a variety of foods are detailed in this "HACCP Toolkit" –

Attached File  HACCP fermented vegetables inc.sauerkraut.pdf   2.59MB   218 downloads

(eg see pgs 32 et seq)


Some semi-generic US regulatory comments are here –

Attached File  public health inc.acidified foods - processing-faqs.pdf   85.09KB   75 downloads


Some details for process/haccp sauerkraut are discussed here –


Attached File  sau1 - sauerkraut.pdf   456.15KB   133 downloads

Attached File  sau2 - sauerkraut,Penn state.pdf   188.9KB   84 downloads

Attached File  sau3 - making sauerkraut, dill pickles.pdf   763.78KB   74 downloads

Attached File  sau4 - safety assessment fermented foods.pdf   569.02KB   129 downloads





I also noticed this rather eclectic collection of (Europe-oriented) haccp studies which starts with an initial, detailed haccp study of fermented green olives. The haccp content/plan is sort of from the ground up and is straightforward, condensed, but nonetheless very readable IMO and quite effective (one criticism might be that the presentation does not exactly follow a formal Codex procedure but this may not be required in yr case (?)) . The conclusions may be analogous to a sauerkraut scenario.

Attached File  sau5 - Food chains-Haccp-CCPs some traditional European foods,2008.pdf   551.12KB   81 downloads


Some more diverse but maybe regulatory-related links are here –








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Kind Regards,



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#3 Nolafoodie23


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Posted 09 July 2016 - 04:49 AM

Thank you Charles!

Appreciate all of the information. I am understanding it more and more but just need to get to writing!

Seems like there is no wrong format--just need to make sure we have all the steps and variances in place.

Many thanks,


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