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Confused with verification terms in ISO 22000

verification ISO 22000

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#1 akool18


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Posted 15 November 2016 - 04:26 AM

Hi everybody,

I am so confused with verification terms in ISO22000. I have read many topics in this 4room about verification activities.

And, i want to know more how to conduct verification activities. For ex, how to conduct a PRP implementation verification step by step and how to document these activities?

If yes, the detail of these following PRPs is much more clear to me:

1. GMPs


3. Training awearness

4. Calibration

5. Validation

6. Food defense

7. Customer policy

9. Traceability

10. Recall&withdrawal

11. .....etc.

Thank you so much for taking time answer my questions


#2 A.Khamees


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Posted 15 November 2016 - 07:07 AM

hello my dear,


take it as simple as this...

Validation: means if any process not done properly, correct the acitivity to be done the proper way by training and awareness sessions

after that, you must ensure that the process been conducted as instructed in the validation step, and this is done by the Verification step

Verification: To ensure such process or activity been done as per standards.



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#3 akool18


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Posted 16 November 2016 - 03:06 AM

Thank you A. Khamees 

#4 Charles.C


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Posted 16 November 2016 - 05:29 AM

hi akool,


I suggest you read iso22004 which was issued to answer queries such as you mention and does so in excellent detail, for example -


7.8   Verification planning
The concepts of validation, verification and monitoring are often confused.
—  Validation  is  an  assessment  prior  to  operation,  the  role  of  which  is  to  demonstrate  that  individual  (or  a combination of) control measures are capable of achieving the intended level of control.
—  Verification is an assessment carried out during and after the operation, the role of which is to demonstrate that the intended level of control has actually been achieved.
—  Monitoring is a procedure to detect any failures in the control measure.


I would only comment that, although the above Validation statement is, in Principle, in agreement with Codex 2008, practical situations, ie a running process, may force Validation to sometimes "overlap" erification". Such "overlap" is sometimes categorized as within an initial "Validation" study. (Other non-iso HACCP treatments explicitly utilise terminologies like preliminary Validation/on-going Validation, etc, etc.)


PRPs tend to have different operational bases. Their individual Verifcations will tend to vary accordingly.

Generically, as stated in iso22004 above, they are essentially required to be shown as effective in Principle for Validation, and effective in Practice for Verification (my own interpretations :smile:).

BUT ISO22000 does not currently require Validation of PRPs, only Verification.

Kind Regards,



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#5 Tony-C


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Posted 16 November 2016 - 05:39 AM

BUT ISO22000 does not currently require Validation of PRPs, only Verification.


Thank you Charles,


To clarify further ISO 22000 does not require validation of PRPs but does require validation of OPRPs:


8.2 Validation of control measure combinations
Prior to implementation of control measures to be included in operational PRP(s) and the HACCP plan and after any change therein (see 8.5.2), the organization shall validate (see 3.15) that
a) the selected control measures are capable of achieving the intended control of the food safety hazard(s) for which they are designated, and
b) the control measures are effective and capable of, in combination, ensuring control of the identified food safety hazard(s) to obtain end products that meet the defined acceptable levels.


Kind regards,



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