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Overview of SPC for the Food Industry

Live Webinar

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Posted 07 April 2017 - 06:38 PM

Overview of Statistical Process Control (SPC) for the Food Industry


Taking place:

Friday, April 21, 2017 - 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM UK Time

This is a 10.00 AM Eastern US Start

Frank Schreurs, Sr. Technical Trainer, Training and Education Services, Global Food Division, NSF International

Webinar Overview:

Statistical process control (SPC) is a method to improve or achieve quality control in a manufacturing process. Support productivity and quality improvement in your facility by designing and implementing a customized SPC program. This session will provide an overview of the SPC techniques and their application in the food industry, including process variation and how to measure it with SPC, control charts and basic concepts including types and uses. Additionally, this session will cover process capability, linking customer and internal specifications to process variations. 

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  • Interests:Life, Family, Running, Cycling, Manager of a Football Team, Work, Watching Sport, The Internet, Food, Real Ale and Sleeping...

Posted 21 April 2017 - 05:54 PM

Chat logs from today's webinar: 


Jan Jackson : Greetings from North Carolina
Jacinthe : Did you start?
enrique : Hello, from Alsip, IL
Sripriya : Hello from NY
Michael Perz : Good Dsy - Burlington Ontario. 
Joseph : greeting from cnina
Leslie Parker : Hello from Wapato WA
abdul rahim : hello from Pakistan
Christi : Good Morning from Sunny Minnesota
Jhon : Hello
Chad : Good Morning, from Batavia, IL
Shayla Cacchiotti : Greetings from Hanna Instruments in Rhode Island!
Julie : Hello from Norfolk, England
MARIA JOAO CARDOSO : hello from Porto, portugal
Deborah Chan : Hello from SIngapore
Norm : Greetings from central VA
janusz : Hello from Warsaw janusz
Suma Lakshmana : Hello Everyone.. Good afternoon... Shiva from Ireland
Elizabeth : hello from Canada
Carlito : Hi, I'm from Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines
Ahmed : Hi everybody 
Joel : Good day from Saudi Arabia
heather : Good morning from NY
Tiffany : Hello from Oklahoma
Bruce : Bruce Johnson - Green Bay Wisconsin
David : Greetings from earth, humans
Kim : Good Morning from Michigan!
STYLIANI : hello
Amr : Hi Everybody
Jeffrey : Good Day, From Boone NC
Kenneth : Morning
Jeremy : Hello 
Nidhi : Hello from India 
Frank bristol : Hello
Esmail : Hello everybody 
lum : Hi from Cameroon
Parker : Hello from Oregon!
Frank : Hello from Ontario, Canada
Phani : Hi from Kuwait
Psyche kwok : Good morning from calgary
vicki : hello 
Brane : Hello everybody from Bosnia
Koka : Hello from Turkey
Elena : hello from greece
Benjie R. Luy : helloe everyone from Indonesia..it's nice to be back here to learn more!
Esmail : Hello from Egypt 
Patrick : vancouver bc
Scott : Hello from Vancouver Canada
Jacinthe : There is no sound
Odette : Hello from Jamaica
Christina : Hello from Chicago!
Sheila : hello from MIssissippi
Mallika Thapa : Hello from Nepal
José Casqueira : Hello From Portugal
Anjali Thakur : Hello from India
Maribel : Hello from Peru
Terina : Hello! from Colorado!
Carmen : Hello from Peru
Perlita Saragena : hello from philippines
STYLIANI : greecee
bev : Good Morning from SoCal!
Michele : good morning from Wausau, Wisconsin
alana : Hello from Brazil!
Simone : Hello from Germany
Sheila : Hello from Rochester NY
vicki : from PEI, Canada
nkwekam : Greetings from the city of Douala Cameroon
Jacinthe : good!
ahmad : Hello from Cairo :D 
Perlita Saragena : no sound
Niraj : Hello from India to everyone!
Odette : Hi Frank, Odette from Jamaica
Muhammad Farhan Karim : helo every one
Mark : Hello from Kansas!
Herbert : Hello from Michiagn
Amr : Hello from Egypt
Esther : Hello from Spain
Miltos : Hello from Athens
SILVIA : Silvia from Buenos Aires
Jerry : Good morning from Kentucky USA
Muhammad Farhan Karim : Hello from Pakistan
ramzy howait : hello greeting from egypt
Glen Martinez : Hi from FIELD Services - Region 3 
Stavros : Hello from GR
Ruben Mariscal : Hi everyone, here we are from Celaya, Mx
Benjie R. Luy : Hi Sir Frank and Sir Simon..good evening..
Michelle : Good Morning from Minnesota!
David Levy : SHALOM Everybody from ISRAEL!!!
Benjie R. Luy : shalom! david
Karen (Triona) : Hi from Ireland
David Levy : Shalom Benjie!
Patricia : hello I am Patricia 
Anabell : Hi from El Salvador
Sandra : Hello from Minden NV
Niraj : when the session will be starting?
Nouri : Nouri Hi from Ireland
Mohamed : Hi, Mohammed from Egypt
june : Hello from Ontario Canada
Michele Pietersen : Hello from South Africa
Amr : started few minutes ago
Gary : Hello from Fleetwood UK
Teresa : Hello from Oporto, Portugal
Simon Timperley : If Youtube blockd in your business thenyou cannot watch unfortunately
Ivar P Brandt : Hello from Caldwell,ID, USA
HH : has the webinar started? not seeing anything on the screen here. 
Roy : Good morning, has the webinar started yet?
Simon Timperley : If Youtube blockd in your business thenyou cannot watch unfortunately
Yusufu : Hello from MA
Irena : Hello all! I also had problems when starting. Just reconnect on the bottom of the screen and should be ok
Gary : HH yes its has started Reconnect
Abdelhamid : Hello from Morocco, Quality freelance auditor trainer 
Benjie R. Luy : Roy, Webinar has already started in a few mins ago
Koka : Yes Roy. It started
Roy : I can't hear or see anything, I've reconnected multiple times from 2 different browsers
Mugur Ungurean : Hello from Chisinau, Moldova
Benjie R. Luy : Roy, press reconnect .
Patricia : no
Ivar P Brandt : yes
Patrick : no
David : no sir ree bob
Olamide : Hi from Hungary
Tami : Do you think a level 2 site should be using spc 
Carlito : May I know how do you differentiate SQC from SPC
Koka : yes
Elaine Cadrin : Elaine from Canada
enrique : no
Bruce : The Poll quaestuion is still open
Rani : yes
Paula : no
Perlita Saragena : audio problem on off
Khamisha : No
Miltos : I also have audio prob
Simone : somehow the audio is horrible this time.
Glen Martinez : Hi
Marvi : Reconnecting may fix it
Glen Martinez : Hi
Jema : Hi from Lagos, Nigeria 
Glen Martinez : Hi
Maurice : No
Glen Martinez : Hi
Dukakis : hello 
Glen Martinez : No special cause
Glen Martinez : No special cause
Muhammad Farhan Karim : eamples of common and special causes??
Simon : Test hello
Magdalena Viertel : Hello, from Chile
diane : lost everything
Jane : Hi everybody!
David : one love good people, this comes further down in my factory development. thanks  peace and love. later
Carlito : Is their any other formula aside from sloven formula could be used to determine the sample size?
Sabir Gill : whats the minimum number of data points to analyse when determining the distribution
ossama Ismail : Hi, Ossama, Cairo , Egypt Ismail 
Bruce : Machine Failure
Shayla Cacchiotti : Instrument Failure
Glen Martinez : Hello
Odette : Equipment malfunction
Iryna Dyachenko : Stoppage as a breakdown
Jennie Thomas : Equipment failure
Irena : A faulty machine that stops measuring 
Bruce : ran out of material
Doris : stop production
Jill : machine failure
GABRIEL AYIQUAYE : Special cause
Marvi : Over-reaction of operator
diane : pan size
Tiffany : A stop in the line
Kenneth : Breakdown
Jamie : A temperature limit
Jhon : sensor damage
Sabir Gill : raw material shortage 
Dale : Data manipulation
Yusufu : Skills of Operators
Declan Blanchfield : end of data collection
Elizabeth : missing information
TORAL : Euitment failure
Simone : prduction stopped
Christina : equipment calibration failure
Bruce : Fire
Tiffany : gap in product
Karen (Triona) : upper limit of detection outside spec
Jeffrey : Control point outside machine capability
Aurora : The limits control 
Jerry : Shift change, process change, personnel change
Chris Lincecum : end of the world
Esmail : Hey hello 👋 everybody 
Jacinthe : new ingredient
Nataliya : stop productio
nkwekam : breakdown
George : Hi from Kalavryta Greece
Ana : incorrect information
Jeremy : Special cause
MARTINA : Hélio from South of Brazil
Dukakis : systematic error
demetri : poor recording of data
Glen Martinez : Not centred
Gayan : Measurement faliure
ossama Ismail : Critical non-conformity : stop production till corrective action is activated
James : Limits of measuring device
Carlito : It is either machine problem, the skills of the operator, inferior quality of the materials, methods not good
Nouri : missing information
Diana Silva : hello from Portugal
Christi : Overpack
Misty Hancock : Over correction
Benjie R. Luy : malfunction of seamer
Anabell : the truncated distribution is still normal?
Aurora : so must be normal distribution
Gayan : If we have a critical limit (let's say water activity < 0.7), what should be process control limitations?
Hasna : Machine disfunction
Glen Martinez : CL
Glen Martinez : Is also called = range of data
Terina : not following process
Carlito : How about the term Mode and Median are they Measures of Center or Measure of Spread?
Cristina Buffa : Did you start early this time
Glen Martinez : Give more confidence with the data +_3 std div.
Muhammad Farhan Karim : what is the good std deviation for process??
Simon Timperley : Nope started on time 10 am EST, 3 pm GMT
Glen Martinez : Run chart only one side of the process
Glen Martinez : That also assignable cause
Larbi : what is minimum sample size needed for mean analysis
Koka : Muhammad Farhan Karim, as good std deviation as its value is so litte
Simone : Can´t you use your CCPs as control limit?
Muhammad Farhan Karim : Dear Koka thanks and can u tell me more about it?? how mvh little ?? 0.001
Muhammad Farhan Karim : Koka .....much
Glen Martinez : 300
KRISHNAN RAJANGAM : Good evening. Krishnan from Goa, India.  Sorry to enter late.
Koka : Muhammad Farhan Karim when it is so close to zero
Mel : hello from trom the Philippines ;-)
Muhammad Farhan Karim : Koka thanks ...an u share email id for futher iformarion?
Muhammad Farhan Karim : information
Koka : Muhammad F K ok.
Mugiono : Hello I am from Indonesia
Sabir Gill : what are yuo top picks for software to use for SPC charts
Elaine Cadrin : drastic change in raw material
Muhammad Farhan Karim : Sabur gill u can use mini tab
Federico : Hello, from México
Mario : Hello from Monterrey Mexico
John Sullivan : please define "k"
Ivar P Brandt : we use Minitab
Glen Martinez : Hi how to establish a control limit.?
Cristina Buffa : Which is the value for D3 in this case
Gayan : What is D and A in equations?
Tiffany : Gayan...D & A are constants 
Gayan : Thanks Tiffany
Tiffany : Glen Martinez: The formulas are given to calculate control limits.
Glen Martinez : Thanks tiffany
Koka : Larbi, it is generally good when sample size is important. 
Teresa : chane of operator shifts for example
Glen Martinez : Over adjustment
Anabell : For the R chart could you repeat the interpretation of the numbers with a example?
Muhammad Farhan Karim : different betwwen control limits and specifications? limits
Glen Martinez : Provided by customer
Tiffany : Control Limits: refer to process 
Tiffany : Specifications: refer to customer quality standards
ossama Ismail : Specifications limit = CTQ : Critical to Quality after analysing VOC: Voice of Customers 
Natalia Tsumanets : Thank you very much 
ossama Ismail : Always CLs are tighter than SLs
Abdelhamid : good training, thank's
ossama Ismail : How to guard / Preventive action against 1.5 sigma shift of process with time
Leslie Parker : no
Muhammad Farhan Karim : informative training
Jeremy : Excellent material and presentation. Unfortunately, it seems to be rushed because of the constraints of time
Odette : Great information
Glen Martinez : Is it online training?
Natalia Tsumanets : Thank you, very interesting and useful information
David Levy : Thanks!
Glen Martinez : Online training?
tamalika Saha : Thank you.
Shayla Cacchiotti : Thank you
Simin : Very good presentation and useful material. Thank you
Carmen : Very interesting, thanks!
Larbi : Thanks
Hrishikesh : Great Info., will be helpful with little more examples and elaboration. Thanks
Magdalena Viertel : Agree, good trainig material, frendly explained 
Sripriya : Very good presentation! Thank you.
Jema : thank you
diane : Great introduction to subject, thanks
Tiffany : Thank you for this presentation!
Elena : good presentation and useful info thanks!!
Iryna Dyachenko : Amazing presentation. Please, plan to arrange a similar one with practical exercises             
Dipendra : Very good presentation and interesting as well. Informative session
Glen Martinez : Great
Jhon : Thank you for the presentation! see you next week
Jill : Thank you
Raylene : Thanks for the information
KRISHNAN RAJANGAM : Great job. thank you very much
Magdalena Viertel : forgot.. thank you very much
june : Thank you. 
Elizabeth : very interesting presentation, thank you very much!!
Glen Martinez : How to get the training online?
Chillida : Interesting and clearly explained,Thanks
Ivar P Brandt : Very good materials and skills, seems presentation took longer  than planned, not bad at all! Thank you!
Mario : thank you very much
stephanie levell : Thank you for your informative presentation
ramzy howait : thanks a lot!!!!!
Glen Martinez : Is this a new business by nsf?
Dukakis : thank you for wonderful information
Odette : Thank you Frank
Christopher : ASQ
Teresa : Thank you Mr Frank Schreurs and Simon, it was a very usefull presentation, of course we must to read and practice, it was very usefull, and please do nor apologise because this subject is very large with a lot of information. Mr Frank you sumaryzed well! Have a nice weekend
Jeffrey : Great refresher webinar, led me to reassess the importance of Cpk! of 
Amr : Thank you very much
Luz : An excellent presentation, thank you very much Frank and Simon.
Declan Blanchfield : great information can we have an hour for practical examples. 
ossama Ismail : Many Thanks. Really useful & user Friendly Training. Impressive
Christopher : does a number of online and face to face
Muhammed Yuceer : thanks for a great presentation 
Herbert : Thanks Frank & Simon
Mack : Thanks--very informative.
Ashley : Thanks, nice refresher!  Have a nice weekend!
Natalia Tsumanets : Also thank you for easy understandable language of presentation, it is really valuable
Roy : very interesting, thanks
nkwekam : Thanks Frank with this valuable package
Christopher : Chartered Quality Institute also
Amal : thanks!
Michelle : Thank you for the great session!
Deborah Chan : thank you
FAYAJ : Thanks Frank & Simon for nice presentation
Carlito : Thank you so much.
Jacinthe : Thank you very much!
Glen Martinez : Thank frank
saida : Thanks Simon 
Anabell : Thank you !!!
abdul rahim : thank you mr simon
Elizabeth : thank you

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