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Determination of Control Points in HACCP * * * * * 2,557 Views

food safety live 2014

Description: When is a CCP not a CCP? Well, when its a PRP, oPRP, CP, QCP or QSP. The requirement to determine the appropriate control measure to be deployed for a specific or general hazard under HACCP is a source of much confusion for even the most seasoned food safety practitioner. The methodology, guidance and best practice use within the industry is at best confusing. Managers, consultants and auditors alike all struggle to understand how best to determine control measures and are poorly served by the generally used risk assessment models and decisions trees. This session will attempt to demystify the various control point terminology and review some of the existing models for determination. It will also present a dynamic model which can help practitioners come to logical and supported determinations. An Excel model will be made available to all those who register for the session.


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