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Metal detector and Camera

Posted by Planck, 16 October 2020 · 48 views

Metal detector and Camera


Which of these two cameras do you prefer?



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In fact, for metal detectors of different brands and models, the difference between them is similar.
We have been engaged in the technical support of metal detectors for about 10 years. We deeply understand the differences between them and help many users to understand the differences more deeply and professionally.
In this process, we work with our users. In many cases, we have clearly quantified and improved the level of risk control of metal contamination.
You should also know that the metal detector is one of the few CCP equipment in the food factory, and we should understanding and use it more professionally.
Especially when you own a professional metal detector, you should not just use it as a Point-and-shoot camera.
If you are a professional photographer, you will definitely pay attention to parameters such as ISO and exposure time.


The situation with metal detectors is similar!


Almost all metal detectors have an automatic learning function( Point-and-shoot camera mode ), but we have always said that this is just an auxiliary method.
Even as professionals, we still need the help of automatic learning for products with product effects.
But the difference here is that as professionals, they have the ability to determine whether the result of automatic learning can meet the requirements of actual production and risk control.
For example, the most typical situation is that the automatic learning function learns any signal detected by the metal detector.
Any signal here includes various interference signals, unless this interference signal cannot be detected by the metal detector itself.
So in this case, as an ordinary user, can you confirm that you can recognize them all?
According to our experience, only a few people have the ability to quickly identify this type of interference.


Therefore, we have always emphasized to our users, do not learn without authorization, please trust your professional metal detector, and please trust your product process itself.


Of course, the prerequisite here is that the various parameters of the metal detector have been confirmed.
In fact, some of our users have completely forbidden to change parameters without authorization.
Therefore, there are different levels of access control for professional metal detector equipment.


A user we recently supported took three measures:
1,Designate 1-2 people to be in charge of metal detectors full-time, because this is professional equipment and it is impossible for everyone to proficient it.
Of course it also includes enabling the access password.


2, Confirm the parameters, do not learn without authorization.


3, Record the signal value of the product and the standard test piece to provide a data basis for further controlling the risk and confirming the threshold.


As the first step of the improvement work, we first confirmed the threshold line of product false detection.


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According to the analysis results of field data (note that these data depend on different parameter settings, so the parameters of the metal detector cannot be changed without authorization, this is a further work after confirming the correct setting of the metal detector), if the threshold of this MD is set at approximately 665, in this case the false detection rate of normal products should be able to controlled at about one-thousandth.
Using the similar method, we can further evaluate the reliable detection rate of the standard metal test piece in the above-mentioned situation.


We are currently confirming and verifying the great improvements with users.


Finally, we recommend the LOMA brand metal detector, which is one of the few professional equipment in this field. We are quite confident in him!


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