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Root Cause Analysis to Ensure Continual Improvement

in Food Safety Fridays Webinars
Added by Simon, 21 Nov 2014

Taking place 09 Jan 2015 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM (Single Day Event)


Webinar Description

In this webinar you will learn techniques that will help you get to the root cause of problems in order to identify preventative measures and drive continual improvement. Root Cause Analysis is a method of problem solving that tries to identify the root causes of faults or problems, and is a useful technique to adopt to investigate non conformances raised at audit or as a result of incidents. A root cause is a cause that once removed from the problem fault sequence, prevents the final undesirable event from recurring. RCA uses a number of techniques to get to the root cause of the problem and in this way preventative measures can be identified and implement to prevent the problem recurring, along with the benefit of contributing to continual improvement.

Cost of Attendance: Free

Webinar Presenter

Speaker Bio:
Ruth is a Food Safety/Quality and HACCP Management Consultant, based in the United Kingdom. Having gained experience from working in technical roles in the food industry, her particular areas of specialism are Food Safety and Quality Management Systems based around HACCP/ISO Standards and private quality assurance schemes. Ruth works internationally helping organizations throughout the food chain to implement systems, and is well known for her practical Quality and HACCP knowledge as an auditor, consultant and trainer. She advises companies in the setting up of both Quality and FSMS systems, supported by threat assessment, crisis and business continuity management.
Speaker Photo
Ruth Bell
Senior Consultant
AF Associates

About Food Safety Fridays

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Looking forward to the big kick-off of Food Safety Fridays on January 09.

I'm glad that I followed the link to this individual seminar.  The general page lists all the seminars as running from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, which would take a huge chunk out of my Fridays.  Maybe the function that translates the time to local time is not working for the ending time?


I see here that it is only a 1 hour seminar, which is perfect.


The page with the 5 hour time...


http://www.ifsqn.com...Schedule _3E_3E



Let me check that Martha, can you send me a screenshot?

Hi there, these webinars look fantastic but i'm in New Zealand so they'll be on at the rather unsociable time of Saturday 4am.  Will it be possible to get a recording of the webinar after the event or will they be posted somewhere?


Thank you



Hi Anna, yes unfortunatley we have to cater for the best time for the majority of our members who are located in North America and Europe.  All webinars will be recorded and uploaded to the site.  Please still register to gain access.

That's super that the webinars will be available afterwards.  I have registered for this one, but an appointment has come up that will interfere.  I can still reap the benefits!