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Allergen Control Group (A BRC Global Standards Company)

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The Allergen Control Group Inc., (ACG) was founded in August 2011 as a private Canadian corporation, operating from Toronto, Canada. ACG currently owns and operates the Gluten-Free Certification Program Global Standard (GFCP) and is North America’s leading subject matter expert in the field of gluten-free, allergens and “free-from” food-safety compliance standards.

Since inception, ACG continues to form long-term cooperative ventures with respected leading consumer celiac/coeliac organizations, throughout the world. Through a collaborate market presence and their individual Professional Advisory Boards (PAB’s), these organizations bring valuable, professional, medical and dietary consumer research insights, which further support ACG’s credible growth plans and competitively differentiate the overall ACG customer value proposition.

The Allergen Control Group was acquired in April 2018 by London UK based BRC Global Standards. This acquisition now allows ACG to provide a broader value proposition when helping customers meet industry’s growing and rapidly changing food safety and risk management requirements.

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