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Food safety and integrity issues are on the increase.  Are you stretched with limited time and resources? We can help to make your life easier, as well as protecting your brand / business from food safety and integrity issues:


IsMyIngredientSafe (IMIS) is an online system developed by Food Information Solutions to save you time, monitoring food safety hazards and vulnerability threats from round the world, alerting you to relevant issues earlier. 


IMIS allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your job, whilst knowing you will be alerted when your ingredients may be implicated, in a timely manner, meaning you will be able to react to potential issues quicker, thereby limiting brand reputation damage


- Comply with BRC Global Standard for Food Safety clause 5.4.1. and other GFSI standards.


- Set up products with ingredients and countries of origin where known, to get automatic alerts, informing you of potential issues earlier.


- Save time, by using the IMIS system rather than searching manually through various sources of information for each ingredient.