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Shatter Safe Security Window Films

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Glass breakage and shattering in food manufacturing or processing facilities can pose significant risk to not only consumers, but to you bottom line as well. Shatter Safe Security Window Films have installed their Shatter Safe Window Films on many facilities to minimize the risk associated with broken glass entering the food processing/manufacturing lines. Although Shatter Safe is not able to make your glass shatter proof or break proof, we can minimize the risk by having most if not all of the glass stick to the Shatter Safe Film during accidental, forced or naturally caused breakages such as earthquakes.

You will find Shatter Safe films at food processing/manufacturing plants such as:

Olam Tomato Processors Inc.
Pepsico (Pepsi)
J.M.Smucker (Smuckers Jam)

As well as thousands of other commercial and government buildings and plants in the U.S.A.

Shatter Safe Films are also distributed and applied worldwide.

Mention IFSQN.COM and receive special discounted pricing when you call to discuss your plant requirements.

Al Montgomery
Founder - Shatter Safe Security Window Films
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