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Safefood 360 - Food Safety Management Software

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Safefood 360 is a web-based food safety management platform designed to allow food processing businesses plan, manage, record and improve their entire system in one fully integrated software application. It has been developed based on all the major retailer standards and current food safety legislation in force worldwide. The application covers the three main areas required for effective food safety management; HACCP, Pre-requisite Programmes and Management Procedures. It also contains a Document Management module where policies, plans, procedures and records are stored, managed and controlled.

The application is hosted on a secure remote server and accessed and used by the company via their internet web browser. It is fully secure and requires no installation or maintenance. You are not required to back-up any data and you have full access to your records at any time and from any location. Safefood 360 is designed to eliminate much of the paper used to record, follow-up, communicate and report on food safety systems.

Drop in to our IFSQN forum or pay a visit to our food safety software website for more information.

The Safefood 360 Team

Safefood 360 Inc.

90 Park Avenue, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10016

Unite States
Email Us
US Tel: +1.646.360.0210
UK Tel: +44.20.3582.6299
IE Tel: +353.1.524.1154

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