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Novel Food Sciences


The mission of Novel Foods Sciences.com is to provide the industry, government, health care representatives and academics with up to the date information that can be readily accessed. This is achieved through multiple dissemination routes convenient to your needs.

Webinars are provided to discuss the hot topics of the day to provide an in depth analysis of issues affecting the food industry.

iClasses are given to refresh basic knowledge of subjects such as Food Microbiology and Sanitation, Advanced Food Process Engineering and Packaging.

Finally, you can post questions on any issue related to food that will be answered by one of our experts who will provide advice with the potential of extending to consultation to address the problem.

We believe that Food Plant Managers, HACCP specialists, Food Engineers, Scientists, Technologists, Equipment Designers, and Students from all over the world who are dealing with issues and challenges in food and pharmaceutical industries will benefit from their participation in these educational on-line activities.

Free presentation that provides introductory information regarding directions of webcasting and educational activities, speakers and topics of future Webinars and iClasses are available for downloading.
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