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Iron Apple International is the leader in food safety for the transportation industry.  Our Trucking Food Safety Program and Training Program are the number one solution for food safety compliance for all types of trucking companies, shippers and brokers who transport food into and throughout the United States and Canada.
We offer two core services for the transportation industry who are responsible for handling food:
  1. FSMA Compliance Solution for Carriers
    Complete Digital Food Safety Compliance Solution for Carriers containing documents, forms and record keeping.
  2. FSMA Training/Food Safety Training for Carriers
    eLearning Training Solution (with Certificate) for Carriers to Meet FSMA Sanitary Transport Training Requirements.


FSMA Compliance Solution for Carriers 
The Iron Apple Food Safety Program is the complete solution for food safety compliance for the transportation industry.  Our program is designed for all types of trucking companies who are responsible for the transporting, importing or exporting, of food or ingredients across US/Canada or inter-provincial borders.  With new regulations now in effect, this will mean much more stringent controls and processes by food carriers. Failure to comply could lead to hefty fines, jail time, shipping & trucking contracts cancelled, loss of business and/or loss of revenue.
Key Features:
  • Electronic Records Meet Shipper, Regulation Needs
  • All Food Safety Documents Included to Cover Transportation And Warehousing
  • FSMA & HACCP Compliance in United States and Canada
  • Digital Solution, Remote Access & Record Keeping
  • Tracks Corrective Actions and Verification activities 

Many carriers who are transporting any type of refrigerated and / or bulk foods are implementing our solution to help mitigate risk and liability. As well, our program helps improve the quality of their service to their shippers!  
Click here to learn more about the Iron Apple Food Safety Solution.



FSMA Training Solution for Carriers: 
The Iron Apple Food Safety Training for Carriers Program consists of a 4 part e-learning solution, with videos, reference materials and short quizzes after each area, along with a certificate of completion. Our training materials meets and exceeds the FSMA and Sanitary Transport Rule training requirements. The content of the course is suited for any person who is involved with the transportation of food throughout United States and Canada, carriers, shippers and brokers. Our training programs are available in both Spanish and English.
Four Food Safety Modules Included:
  • Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Overview
  • Food Safety for the Transportation Industry
  • Good Transportation Practices for the Sanitary Transport of Food
  • Sanitary Transport Driver Training


1-844-485-3330 | sales@ironapple.net

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