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Aurora - FORCE10 Magnets

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    By Braden

    Submitted Jul 20 2017 12:57 AM



Aurora proudly provide the HACCP Endorsed FORCE10 range of high-performance magnetic separation systems to a large range of industry's with niche capability in the food and diary sectors.

Effective measures to prevent foreign matter contamination of product is a major concern for food manufacturers.  Not only do contamination events require production line stoppages and incur significant costs, they also involve vast amounts of resource to regain consumer trust and rebuild a shattered brand image. 

Foreign matter is an ever increasing priority in the process industry with an increasingly savvy consumer and rapidly growing demand for guaranteed product integrity. With this progressively tighter tolerance for foreign matter Metal detection & X-ray equipment is not a dependable sole final solution. Integrating the FORCE10 range of magnets into process lines to work hand-in-hand with inspection equipment is rapidly becoming the preferred & trusted solution for leading consumer brands.  

The FORCE10 team of specialist magnet technicians are renown in the industry for their uncompromising commitment to high quality and performance along with their extensive technical knowledge in this field. The team works with a range of global food & dairy brands to ensure the FORCE10 magnets are the highest performing, versatile, practical, and safe separators available on the market.  We have proven results in both wet and dry product applications across a range of industries in many countries ranging from New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, China, Brazil and more!

The HACCP Endorsed Force10 range includes separators for products ranging from powder, granular, liquid, viscous, and fragile across a range of process conditions including pneumatic transfer, gravity, high-pressure, high-temperature, high volume/bulk, ultra-hygienic and more!

Our team provides close support from initial scoping and design through to project management, commissioning and on-going validation/certification services.

Call us - We are committed to protecting your product, equipment, and brand!

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