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Manufacturers, brand owners and consumers have every right to be confused by all the various claims around certification and the associated symbols, on packaging.


Allergen Control Group (ACG) owns and operates the risk-based Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP) Standard. To our knowledge, all gluten free certification claims around the globe are heavily dependent on analytical test results fro gluten and using various antiquated approaches with manufacturers, to gain verification before granting permissions to use their trademarks/seals.


Some schemes use remote questionnaires, some claim to conduct an on-site inspection from questionable experienced food safety professionals. As technical food industry professionals, we all should know testing your way to producing reliable gluten-free products, is only a tool and not the solution. Testing at the very best of times, requires understanding the attributes around complex ingredients and processes such as heating, fermentation, not to mention professional analysis methodologies and techniques, which science tells us may still be somewhat inconsistent, or unreliable.


I know i am somewhat bias, but know that the Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP) www.glutenfreecert.com provides consumers with the most consistent and preventative food safety system assurances possible, for those manufacturers/brands that makes a gluten-free product claim on their label. 


I also know that the GFCP is the only GF certification program annually verifying and certifying the manufacturing system/facility and it's gluten control process, for the ongoing control of any gluten or cross-contamination within the facility. This process is annually audited by over 15 globally situated ISO 17021-1 and ISO 17065 accredited certification bodies, who collectively employ over 300 certified GFSI food safety auditors; all additionally trained/certified in the robust GFCP Standards & Policies. This provides a true ISO based, unbiased and arms-length certification process, which then combines and compliments any other similar third-party food safety system audit, to mitigate the risk of a gluten-free product failure.


So in a nutshell, GFCP focusses first delivering the most rigorous gluten-free manufacturing assurances in the industry, followed by options for brands to market their GF products, with the endorsements from leading celiac organizations in North America and around the world. 


We would love to hear from you, or please visit our website at www.glutenfreecert.com.





Paul Valder, president & CEO




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