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Nurturing a Behavioral Based Food Safety Culture

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$97.00 (EU/UK Customers Charged 20% VAT)  

Next Live Training: None scheduled

Purchase the previous training recording (with 30 day access) to experience the full 4-hour training session along with the presentation slides, templates, and certificate of attendance.

Instructor: Dr. David Rosenblatt, Training Specialist, Sher Consulting and Training
Facilitator: Simon Timperley, Administrator, IFSQN

Cost per attendee: $97.00 USD

Training Course Outline:

The "Nurturing a Behavioral Based Food Safety Culture" Webinar is suitable for all decision makers anywhere along the food and feed supply chain from farm to fork.

This Webinar will be especially beneficial for high level managers, HR personnel, food safety managers, trainers and consultants.

The training program consists of a 3-hour webinar with polls and question and answer sessions. After the Webinar there is an online test covering the topics taught in the course. An IFSQN Academy certificate is awarded to all candidates that pass the exam.

Over and over again out industry faces food safety incidents that, in hindsight, were 100% preventable. This occurs in organizations certified to high level standards which include an in-depth HACCP program.

Root cause analysis most often uncovers human behavior as the source of failure; however, we now understand that the roots go much deeper. How is it possible that the same person, with the same knowledge and the same background, faced with the same set of rules and regulations, will behave differently in two different organizations?

Neuroscience is now providing learning specialists a new understanding of what makes people do what they do and how it is connected to organizational culture.

All attendees receive:

  • Copy of the training material (PDF)
  • Personalized IFSQN Training Academy Certificate awarded on successful completion of the course and end test
  • 30 day access to the webinar recording
Topics include:
  • Case studies
  • Fundamentals of employee behavior: human error and forgetfulness, competence and motivation
  • Characteristics of a food safety culture and how they affect behavior
  • The building blocks of culture: leadership, symbols of uniformity (icons, uniforms, language, ritual), behavioral procedures, employee involvement

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* * * * - by queenb Jun 05 2019 05:36 PM

Always good webinars put on by your organization.

They make you take a step back and analyze how you see the food safety culture in your own situation.

* * * * * by FVargas Jun 05 2019 04:32 PM

Useful and great material. Clear explanation. Interesting topic.