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IFSQN FSSC Development Program Food Safety Management System Implementation Package - Version 1

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The IFSQN FSSC Development Program Food Safety Management System Implementation Package is a great value Food Safety Management System package that will provide any small business with key core food safety system procedures and records and help them on the way to FSSC 22000 certification.

Watch this product demonstration video for an overview of the extensive documentation, records templates, training, checklists and project implementation tools contained in our packages.

The IFSQN FSSC Development Program Food Safety Management System Implementation Package has been designed cover the elements prescribed in the FSSC Development Program* which provides an independent Codex-based Program for third party assessment.

The Program is aligned with the Codex Recommended International Code of Practice General Principles of Food Hygiene (CAC/RCP 1-1969, Rev. 4-2003) and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Global Markets Program; is based on elements of ISO 22000 and the ISO/TS 22002-1 requirements and provides a pathway to achieving full FSSC22000 certification.

*The FSSC Development Program follows a stepwise approach, however it also allows organizations to remain at Level 1 meeting the food safety requirements aligned with the GFSI Global Markets Program Basic Level supplemented by Codex HACCP. The Level 2 requirements are in accordance with the GFSI Global Markets Program Foundation Level.

After a successful assessment, the Assessment Body will issue a Conformity Statement (Level 1 or 2) and the organization will be listed in the FSSC register of Conforming Organizations.
Source: www.FSSC22000.com

The package gives organizations a head start in developing their system and preparing for certification by enabling them to put in place procedures compliant with the FSSC Development Program:

  • Fundamental Food Safety Procedures - A set of top level food safety management system documents are included
  • Prerequisite Programs - A set of Fundamental Prerequisite Program Procedures are included
  • A HACCP based System – Two tiers of HACCP documents are provided:
    • HACCP System Basic for Level 1 compliance
    • HACCP System Advanced for Level 2 compliance.
  • HACCP/CCP Guidance - on how to manage and implement a HACCP system and determine critical control points (CCPs).
  • Food Safety Records - A set of sample food safety management system records are included
As a bonus the Package is also backed up by expert support which is available to provide assistance in developing the system.

The Food Safety Management System documents are in Microsoft Word English (US) format, so easily adapted to suit any small business.

More details about the content:

Food Safety Management System Procedures are aligned with the FSSC Development Program requirements and are as follows:

FSF 1.1 Management Commitment
FSF 1.1 Appendix Food Safety Policy
FSF 1.1 Appendix Food Safety Objectives
FSF 1.2 Management Responsibility
FSF 1.2 Appendix Organizational Chart
FSF 1.2 Appendix Sample Job Descriptions
FSF 1.3 Management Support
FSF 1.3 Appendix Training Matrix
FSF 1.5 Communication
FSF 1.6A Specified Requirements
FSF 1.6A Appendix Sample Material Specification
FSF 1.6A Specified Requirements Appendix Material Acceptance Record
FSF 1.6B Specifications
FSF 1.6B Appendix Sample Specification
FSF 1.6C Product Release
FSF 1.7 General Documentation Requirements
FSF 1.7 Document Template Landscape
FSF 1.7 Document Template Portrait
FSF 1.8 Procedures
FSF 1.9 Product Traceability
FSF 1.9 Appendix Product Traceability – Batch Identification
FSF 1.10 Emergency Preparedness and Response
FSF 1.13 Control of Measuring and Monitoring
FSF 1.14 Handling of Potentially Unsafe Products
FSF 1.14 Appendix - Non-Conformance Log
FSF 1.14 Appendix - Non-Conformance Notification
FSF 1.15 Product Withdrawal and Recall
FSF 1.15 Appendix – Recall Template
FSF 1.16 Nonconformity and Corrective Action
FSF 1.16 Appendix - Corrective Action Request
FSF 1.17 Complaint Handling
FSF 1.17 Appendix - Complaint Investigation Form
FSF 1.17 Annual Complaints Analyzer
FSF 1.17 Annual Complaints Analyzer Instruction

The Prerequisite Programs are pre-fixed PRP aligned with the FSSC Development Program requirements and are as follows:

PRP 2.1 Construction and Layout of Buildings
PRP 2.2 Premises and Workspace
PRP 2.3 Utilities
PRP 2.4 Waste Management
PRP 2.5A Equipment
PRP 2.5B Maintenance
PRP 2.6 Purchasing
PRP 2.6 Appendix Purchasing Assessment Template
PRP 2.7 Preventing Contamination and Cross-Contamination
PRP 2.8 Allergen Management
PRP 2.8 Appendix Allergen Management Tool
PRP 2.9 Cleaning and Sanitizing
PRP 2.9 Appendix Cleaning Procedure
PRP 2.9 Appendix Cleaning Schedule
PRP 2.10 Pest Control
PRP 2.11A Personal Hygiene
PRP 2.11B Personnel Facilities
PRP 2.12 Product Rework
PRP 2.14 Warehousing
PRP 2.15 Product Labelling
PRP 2.16 Food Defense
PRP 2.16 Threat Assessment & Plan
PRP 2.17 Product Analysis

Also includes GMP Inspection Training Guide and Inspection Form

HACCP System Advanced - Documents

HACCP 0 HACCP System Overview
HACCP Prelim 1 HACCP Team
HACCP Prelim 2 Product Descriptions & Scope
HACCP Prelim 3 Intended Use
HACCP Prelim 4 Flow Diagrams
HACCP Prelim 4 Appendix 1 Flow Diagram
HACCP Prelim 5 Flow Diagram Verification
HACCP Principle 1 Hazard Analysis
HACCP Principle 2 Determine Critical Control Points
HACCP Principle 3 Establishing Critical Limits and Action Criterion
HACCP Principle 4 Establishing Monitoring Systems for CCPs & OPRPs
HACCP Principle 5 Establishing a Corrective Action Plan
HACCP Principle 6 Establishing Verification Procedures
HACCP Principle 7 Establishing HACCP Documents and Records

Also includes document samples, HACCP Tool ISO 22000, HACCP Tool Instructions and HACCP Training Guide ISO 22000 Module 2018.

HACCP System Basic - Documents

HACCP 1 Hazard Assessment

Also includes document samples and HACCP Training Guide.

FSMS Record Templates

A set of 40 sample food safety management system records in Microsoft Word English (US) format are included.

Sample content:

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