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  1. New water-based rapid test for Total Aflatoxin

    The test kits have been significantly improved to simplify the ease of use and to speed up the workflow. With the new dissolvable and pre-weighed extraction buffer bags no time-consuming or difficult buffer preparations steps are needed. No filtration or centrifugation step is needed due to innovative extraction equipment that is included in each test kit, making the use of additional extract clarification obsolete.

    With a quantitation range of 0-100 ppb, a limit of detection of 3ppb and a total time-to-results of 8 minutes including extraction, sample preparation and strip test development, the AgraStrip® Total Aflatoxin Quantitative WATEX test kit is the fastest test available on the market, meeting the industry needs for a simple, sensitive and easy-to-use test kit.

    “With our new AgraStrip Watex test kit line we fulfill the needs of our customers for an environment-friendly water-based testing method. At the same time we have further simplified the extraction and sample preparation with work-flow innovations offering customers a testing solution that is accurate, easy-to-use and delivers results fast”, states Michael Prinster, CEO of Romer Labs America.

    Over the next months, the new AgraStrip® WATEX test kit line will be further expanded to cover regulated mycotoxins.

    About Romer Labs:

    Romer Labs, founded in Washington, MO, in 1982, is a leading provider in diagnostic solutions for food and feed safety. It develops, manufacturers and markets rapid test kits for food allergens, food pathogens, mycotoxins, veterinary drug residues and other food contaminants. The company also operates four accredited full-service laboratories on three continents. Romer Labs has facilities in Austria, Brazil, China, Malaysia, Singapore, the UK and the USA. For more than 30 years, Romer Labs has been a trusted partner for the food and feed industry worldwide. www.romerlabs.com

    • Oct 27 2014 07:17 PM
    • by Simon
  2. Trace Analytics launches The AirCheck Academy™

    The AirCheck Academy™ made its soft debut in early July. The Experts at Trace Analytics opened the free learning center for anyone interested in compressed air, its various uses, and the quality concerns that go along with it. While the launch of the Academy is currently limited to the food industry, that will soon change. The Academy will offer information for a variety of industries using compressed air. Quality trends vary from industry to industry. A concern for one group may not exist for another. You might be shocked to learn the differences between breathing air quality and manufacturing air quality.

    We invite you to start your education today! Take a moment to visit the AirCheck Academy™, where learning is just a click away.

  3. bioMérieux’s TEMPO® BC Assay Gains AOAC Approval

    TEMPO® BC provides automated results in 22 to 27 hours, which enables food manufacturers to release their products into the supply chain much earlier than when testing with traditional methods.
    Bacillus cereus is a Gram positive, aerobic spore-forming bacterium which, when present in foods improperly stored, can lead to food poisoning.

    “bioMérieux is historically committed to developing high-performing testing solutions to help manufacturers ensure food quality and safety worldwide” said Nicolas Cartier, Corporate Vice President, Industry Division. “The importance of using third-party validation programs such as AOAC is a key component of the Company’s global development.”

    TEMPO® BC has been validated by the AOAC Research Institute following the Bacteriological Analytical Manual (BAM) method for the enumeration of Bacillus cereus in food products.

    Find out more on bioMérieux Industry website

    • Oct 27 2014 07:16 PM
    • by Simon
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