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Root Cause Analysis, how science can help us with the investigations

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Posted 18 September 2016 - 06:59 PM

Root Cause Analysis, how science can help us with the investigations


Taking place:

Friday, September 23, 2016 - 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM UK Time

This is a 10.00 AM Eastern US Start


Oscar Rodriguez-Gonzalez, PhD, PAg, CFS, ASQ-CQE, ISSP-SA, Rodriguez-Gonzalez Services Corp.


Webinar Overview:

It is commonly known that root-cause analysis can be done with tools like the 5 Whys or Cause-and-Effect Analysis. The advantage of using these tools is that we can organize the information found in the investigation more efficiently. But just identifying potential causes is not a guarantee of effective problem solving, because improper selection of preventions for the causes may result in re-occurrence. The objective of this webinar is to review the application of scientific methods to effectively investigate and identify the causes of food safety problems as well as using science to properly select and manage control methods. 


Webinar Recording >>


Presentation Slides >>

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    IFSQN...it's My Life

  • IFSQN Admin
  • 12,668 posts
  • 1343 thanks

  • United Kingdom
    United Kingdom
  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Manchester
  • Interests:Married to Michelle, Father of three boys (Oliver, Jacob and Louis). I enjoy cycling, walking and travelling, watching sport, especially football and Manchester United. Oh and I love food and beer and wine.

Posted 23 September 2016 - 06:10 PM

Unedited chat logs from today's webinar:


Loni  : Good Morning from Canton, Ohio

saet : hello from london

rachaneewan : Hello from Bangkok

Todd : Good morning!

prachi jain : Hello from Toronto

Marija : hello from Serbia

Rim : Hello every one from Tunisia

Andrew : good morning

Bryan Reynolds : Hello from Akron, OH.

Margarida : Hello, from Portugal

Brandy : Hello from Canada- Nova Scotia

Esmeralda : Hello from Clearwater, FL

Nathalie : Hello from Montreal

Ryan : Good Morning from Los Angeles, California (US)

JAMES : James Scott Hello from Rockwall TX

Anthony : Hello from Fayetteville, NC

Claudia : hello from south africa

Sergio : Good morning from Tracy, California

Lorena : hello from Mexico

Leke : Hello from St. John's, Canada

Jill : Hello from Owensboro, KY

ROBIN : Hi from CANADA, SCF - Robin

Michael : Hello from Jamaica

Cindy : Cindy

Madhumitha : Hi from Australia

Lori Morrison : Hello from Lumberton, NC

Kimberly : What is the call in number to hear voice?

saet : hi madhumita

Craig : Hi everyone - from Australia

James Keenan : Greetings from Milford PA USA

Julie : Hello from Norfolk

Lupita : Hello from Mexico

Jessica : hi from iowa

Pontus : Hi from Sweden!

Sheena Britton : Hi all

kuentenglin  : hello everyone

ERRAMI : hello for Morocco

Janusz : Good afternoon from Poland

Ragy Ragab : hello from Egypt

Bev : Hello from So Cal

Shahid : Hi, all from Houston, USA

Naimisha : good morning from Canada

kirti s : Hello from India

Marina : good morning from WA, US

Sean : Hello from Middlebury, IN

Brad : Good morning from Northern California

Katie : Happy Friday from Wisconsin

Sunil : Hi, Sunil Chandra India


firdaus : good night from Malaysia

Vijaykumar Gandi : good evng from Kabul, Afghanistan :)

Kay : Hello from London

Mark : Good Morning from Kansas City!

syed : Syed Farhat Raza from UK

Kelly : Hello from Washington State

latif  : Hi from Scunthorpe UK

Tanya : Hello from the Cayman Islands

Bob : Good Morning from Michigan, USA

Aisha : Good morning from Trinidad & Tobago!

nena : good morning from texas USA

Sabina  : Good morning/afternoon everyone Sabina

Sophia : Good Morning from Barbados

Nidhi : Hello everyone from India

Michelle : Good morning Jacqueline from Jamaica

Leke : How do i join the discussion group?

Andrew : Hello from Indiana

Lily : Good morning from TX, USA

Sita : Hello from Calgary. Alberta, Canada

ANTONELLA MARANO : Hello from Italy

Leke : Thanks Simon

Daniela : Hello from Ireland!

ANNE-MARIE GAJAR : Good morning from Trinidad and Tobago

Cheryl : hello..I m from Malaysia

Karam Elwany : hello from egypt

Clinton Parchment  : Good day from JA

Rose : Hi.everyone.Rose from Kenya.

Chris : greetings form Cincinnati Ohio!!!!

Aletta : Hello from beautiful South AFrica

ANNE-MARIE GAJAR : No slides on screen.

Surafel Bogale : good afternoon from ethiopia

David : morning from Montreal

Carmen : Good morning from Ecuador

Vinh : Hello from Vietnam

Lorena : good morning from Mexico

Simon Timperley : Happy Friday everyone!

Judith : good morning from Philadelphia

ALLIOUANE : hello from Montréal

Demet Yesilkaya : Hello from Toronto

Chris : TFI food safety friday


Vinoth Kumar A : Vinoth from Suguna, Coimbatore

Manish : Hello this is manish from Nepal

Angela : Did Oscar jus wake up?

Munsif : Hi from Montreal


Kimberly : Hello from Jamaica

Ryan : @ANNE...check your internet connection.  I'm seeing and hearing everything fine.

oluwaseyi : Hi from Nigeria

Steve : Someone give that guy some coffee

Vijaykumar Gandi : it is very nice and glad to see all the attendees from all over the globe :)

Macadian Weir  : Good morning from Jamaica


JAMES : Don't know it look like it

Pontus : TGIF Oscar! :)

Chris Chinapoo : Morninv from Trinidad and Tobago

nena : @ steve and angela - i feel the same way

JAMES : I will send him my cup

Vijaykumar Gandi : for those who are still watching the blank screen, click on reconnect below,

nena : @ pontus LOL

Kimberly : Hello from our island Jamaica

prachi jain : double shot of espresso for him please ;)

Michelle Vincent : Hello from Michelle in Bernie, Missouri, USA

ANDRIANA : Hello to everyone from Athens, Greece

Leke : Not only 5 times

Christine Lomo : hello i am christine from indonesia

Prathna : Greetings from South Africa

Leke : You could ask just 1 why and get to the root cause as well as asking 10 whys to get to the root cause

ruben : i am ruben lozada from Venezuela

Simon Timperley : Friday is chill time, all slow down and get with the rythmn

Silvana : Hello from Sorocaba Oscar and Simon! I am trying to comeback with more frequence here.

nena : oscar's speed of speech is distracting for sure

Sunil : His last talk was good. Give him some time guys...

Adelaide : Greeting from Ghana

Silvana : Hello everybody from Sorocaba Brazil

James Keenan : TGIF

Jessica : i am finding it hard to concentrate with his slow speech

ERRAMI : why the root cause analysis is very important in the management sfety food

Simon Timperley : slow your mind down ;:-)

Sheena Britton : Errami. If you do not find the root cause of the problem you will only ever find the symptons and will never ensure that you sort the issue out one and for all.

Simon Timperley : great silvana. :-)

Leke : It is important because it helps you get to the root cause of a problem so you can solve and prevent it from happening again

JAMES : Leke I agree with you

monica : I do not hear so well, is it correct?

James Keenan : Hey  Donald what's Hilary doing

Vijaykumar Gandi : Problems with audio or video? RECONNECT

DONALD TRUMP : My forehead just slammed down on my keyboard.... I nodded off... sorry.

Marina : it takes time and resources up front but if the team is committed to prevention and improvement it will pay off in the long run.

DONALD TRUMP : Hillary is sweating!

Julie : Blame storming sessions

Nidhi : identification of all direct and indirect points of concern which have lead to food safety issue is important for the preventive action implementation

ROBIN : DONALD TRUMP you are as usual so rude and impolite get a bed and go away

DONALD TRUMP : Sorry Robin.

Marija : wonder if  the vebinar  running ???or I have connection issues ??

Simon Timperley : LOL Robin

Leke : It could be management too. So i say 7 Ms

April  : It is way too early for these comments lol.  I need to pay attention lol

Ryan : I think management can fall under manpower

Maria Alcius : is it running?

Marina : yes, managment too; but if management doing the root cause sometime it's hard for them to accept and identify it

Simon Timperley : What would be the root cause of donald winning....only joking

Leke : Management is not man power. Manpower is the operators

Ryan : Isn't management made up of people?

Ryan : Manpower is persons at all levels.

Simon Timperley : Yes maria, if you cannot see or hear then youtube maybe blocked in your business

nena : so where would management be catergorized better??

Dionne Mills : or 4 Ps Plant/Equipment Process Policy People. tool can be used in both  problem investigation and analysis and in solution finding

Leke : Frsure it is but managemnet doesn't operate

Ryan : Could for the QA Manager or Director too...missed something.

Jaime : Hilary would be the root cause of Trump wining

DONALD TRUMP : If I win it will take at least 100 Whys to find out!

nena : i agree Jaime

Ryan : No, but management is part of the process.  Either with support or hands-on.

Maria Alcius : will u send the presentation? because I cannot see or hear

Sheena Britton : Works best with a multi disciplined team and each will have a slightly different perspective and in the end you should be able to agree the root cause.

Leke : I give it to you Ryan

Marina : it doesn't matter what catagory you put management under, as long as you consider it as an option

Simon Timperley : yes we will send the video and slides within 24 hours

nena : agree Sheena

Ryan : Agree Marina.

Simon Timperley : indeed

Marija : Thx Simon ....i did reconnect , all is fine now

Leke : The Ishikawa diagram is only a classification tool anyway.

gorti : audio problem. No able to hear

Simon Timperley : sound ok gorti, must be on your end

Simon Timperley : can you see it gorti?

April  : I was wondering if it would be good to begin with the fishbone and then move to the 5 whys

Sunil : Great to have some very knowledgeable attendees

Simon Timperley : I agree Sunil

Leke : April. I think you are right. Brain storming, Fish bone then 5 why

gorti : Hello Simon

Simon Timperley : brainstorming is part of fishbone

Marina : yes, us an approach that your group can participate wihtout having extensive training

April  : Okay i was about to say

DONALD TRUMP : I used the 5 Whys with Ivana and I found out she was cheating on me.  :(

Simon Timperley : I know you Donald, have you been away?

gorti : yes now able to hear

Simon Timperley : Great Gorti!

DONALD TRUMP : Simon... not really away just a different schedule.

Simon Timperley : Nice to see you back, we've missed you.

DONALD TRUMP : Merci Simon!

Karam Elwany : what is the difference between fishbone and 5 whys

Sheena Britton : It can be very dependent on the type of issue or non conformity you have. So no hard and fast rule really, some need alot more discussion and dissection before identifying the root cause.

gorti : what are other tools u r focussing in this session other than why why & fish bone analysis?

Leke : Fishbone is a classification tool for the possible causes while s why is a tool to get to the root cause

Simon Timperley : wait and see gorti

nena : waiting on more tools and science too gorti

Julie : The better the problem is described, the better the fishbone brain storm and the 5 whys work. Start carefully

Judith : Is Root cause always a group process?

Vinh : there are some tools to solve problems

Leke : It is advicable to tackle a problem with a diversified team to get to the root cause

Simon Timperley : a team with the right knowledge and competence

syed : Why Why tool is good but in reality people do not use it effectively in a good way

Nidhi : cross functional group discussion assist in identifying the accurate cause of teh problem

Simon Timperley : i agree syed, i love fishbones, i have it etched on my brain

Andrew : it also opens up other areas that may not have been considered when determining a cause.

Rim : i agree syed!

Todd : Good Morning from Kalamazoo! Did I miss anything?

Simon Timperley : About 50% Todd.  Good morning.

Bev : Prachi.... :-) 

gorti : Hi Sunil

Vijaykumar Gandi : 271 ATTENDEES :)

Simon Timperley : 25% of those registered

Michael : I have used each method individuall, but I see the value of combining both to be even more accurate in developing a resolution to the proble.

Vijaykumar Gandi : most of them are from office, which must be closed already

Sunil : Hello Gorti...!!!

Goldi Chauhan : Greetings to all :-)

Simon Timperley : That cycle is plan, do, check , act

gorti : Michael any example where u use both together

Simon Timperley : in science

Leke : I agree Simon

gorti : Sunil u r from which place

Sunil : Noida, India

Sunil : What about you Gorti...?

gorti : i am from Hyderabad

Sunil : Oh...Great

Sunil : What is your speciality...?

Paula : Is there an way to get a copy of the powerpoint for training of staff?

gorti : we can catch on skype

Rim : Simon, are we having the slide, the video record and a certification? I am sorry i don't know the habit , it's my first food safety friday . Is it gonna be the same as "food safety live 2016"?

Simon Timperley : Slides and vidoe will be issued within 24 hours

Paula : Thank you!

gorti : saradiroservices skype id

Todd : Good graphic of the scientist

Rim : thank you very much Simon :)

Carlito : Hi Carlito from Talisay City, Cebu, Philipines

Simon Timperley : Anyone else new to to Food Safety Fridays

Paula : Me!

Filippo : Ciao from Italy

Joy : This is my first FSF

Todd : I am

Sean : I am

James Keenan : i am new to the FSF!

Vinh : I am new

Andrew : Me too

Rim : me!

Julie : 2nd Food safety Friday for me

Michael : First timer here!  Fully intended to catch the last few but have been...sidetracked by my plant ;)

nena : newe

Kay : Same

nena : new

Dr.  Romanus  Isife : This  is  an  iinovation  in  food safety  management

goodwin : i also am new to the food safety friday

Simon Timperley : Well you have 56 to watch in the archives. :-)

Shannon : New for me (Canada)

Paula : Awesome!!

Cheryl : this is 1st FSF for me

Rim : thank you, it's on youtube?

James Keenan : what are the requirements for a Certitified Food Scientist?

Simon Timperley : Archive bookmark: http://www.ifsqn.com...-safety-fridays

Rim : thnk you very much Simon! It's a great pleasure!

prachi jain : thanks for the link Simon...

Joy : My plant has our first food packaging product coming online at the beginning of 2017. I'm trying to learn as much as I can as we will be seeking certification to the BRC Packaging Standard

Simon Timperley : If you have questions joy ask on the forum: http://www.ifsqn.com...l§ion=register

Leke : Is it always possible to get to the root cause of a problem?

Todd : what is your product joy?

Joy : Simon, I've already found the forums to be helpful. I'm sure I will be a frequent visitor over the coming months.

Simon Timperley : good luck with your project Joy

Michael : Possible examples for using 5W and Fishbone  Methods, is in the event of a process line breakdown and during the repairs/maintenance the products might be contaminated.

Joy : It is a thermoformed plastic tray

Michael : Yes the forums here are great!  I actually cited IFSQN as a great resource to the group at my recent PCQI training!!!

Benjie R. Luy : Good Evening all

Simon Timperley : Thanks Michael, spread the word. :-)

Leke : @ michael. If there is maintenance to be done, the line should be stopped repaired and CIp'ed before kicking off with production again to avoid contamination

Brent : anyone else looking at the spinningn wheel of death?

gorti : all new commer - useful resourceful & handy website & association for real time implementation

Michael : Some times the pressure of production might ignore the requirements for proper cleaning/hygiene

prachi jain : Leke, in a perfect world, yes this should happen, but how often these practices are followed or how often maintenance personnel follow guidelines, production is always in a rush to start

Todd : I am sick now

Simon Timperley : Root cause Todd?

Leke : If food safety is at tyhe back of management's mind then they have to stop production while doing repairs. Thats the message we have o put out there

Todd : my conference room is too hot

Simon Timperley : Why Todd?

Leke : Else you deal with the contamination and posible recalls that arises from that

Todd : the air doesn't work

Simon Timperley : Ok get it fixed. :-)

ruben : problems with my connection

prachi jain : usually its the person following the guidelines gets into trouble with the senior management for stopping the lines and WASTING production time

sabina : Good use of the Whys simon :)

Samuel : hello good day to all

sabina : RCA Done!

Sunil : Simon is a wonderful moderator...

Simon Timperley : It saves a lot of time

sabina : Leke it is. there may be a false start but if that happens aim at a more through RCA and you will get there

Samuel : hello how can traceability be applied on fresh fish in local community deprived of modern technology

Leke : Thanks Sabina

James Keenan : Hi Samuel, how about tying a ribbon with a number (date code) onto the fish tails?

Dionne Mills : welcome Joy enjoy

Samuel : hello james

James Keenan : Hi Samuel

Vijaykumar Gandi : bhawani gorti gaaru, ella unnaru, emana openings unaya hyd lo :)

James Keenan : Say what Vijaykumar

Samuel : for sure but have tried that and the local fishermen aren't to responsive to the technique

sabina : Interesting Question Samuel. I grew up in St. Lucia where the fishermen walked for miles blowing  a conch shell announcing their wares but no one thought twice

James Keenan : Too many fish for applying ribbons?

gorti : what vijay kumar

James Keenan : Samuel, how are the fish wrapped?

Brent : how longis this webinar?

James Keenan : Samuel, how about each fisherman delivers their catch in a unique color bin, fish wrapped and stamped with date code and color bin it came from?

Samuel : have tried that Mr. James but it didn't work at all

Simon Timperley : almost doen then q and a

Brent : i thought it was 60 minutes?

Samuel : or the method of introduction of the technique to local fishermen seems not to very welcomed

Simon Timperley : yes over slightly

Brent : i need to run to another meeting

Brent : timelines are very important

Simon Timperley : ok Brent sorry, you can catch the recrding

Maria Alcius : My first FSF - excited for Fridays!!!

Brent : thanks

Brent : hestill has 6 more slides to go

Todd : Is it FDF every

Todd : Friday

Leke : Nope this is the last but one slide Brent

Vickie : Thank You

gorti : Simon I hv to catch other work Bye

Samuel : hello Sabina

Simon Timperley : Bye gorti

Todd : Happy

Todd : saturday from

Todd : japan

gorti : bye all guys

ramesh : Happy !

prachi jain : Conclusion- If all food manufacturing/handling plants are made to go on UNANNOUNCED AUDIT schemes, the need for these types of brainstorming sessions for RCA will be significantly reduced

Todd : Thanks for the presention, I look forward to future meetings

Afton : Thank you Simon! Another great webinar!! Have a great weekend!

JAMES : hello samuel

Raul : Hello

James Keenan : Hello Samuel, enjoy the weekend

Margarida : I'm new

Dionne Mills : hello Flippo

Andrew : Thank you Simon and Oscar

Leke : Where can we take the test ?

ERRAMI : i am

ERRAMI : me too

Manish : Thank you simon for the session.

Eliaw : hello is there any data of problems solved?

latif  : thank you

Eliaw : Sorr ymy name is Elias no Eliaw ...

ALBA WILLIAMS : What kind of education level is required to obtain a Certified Food Science certificate?

Madhumitha : Found quite useful.. thank you!

Leke : What if you have the right tools and the DOE was right. Would you get the root cause?

nena : i am also interested in info about being a certified food scientist

Todd : Thanks Oscar

ALBA WILLIAMS : Thank you.

Leke : Can you please share that website?

Cheryl : Thank you Simon and Oscar

April  : Thank you .. great

Vinoth Kumar A : Thanks. Happy weekend ppl.

Hrishikesh : It was good session

kirti s : thanks!

Scott : http://www.ift.org/C...ligibility.aspx

Goldi Chauhan : Many Thanks Mr. Simon.... Good Bye to All :-)

Kay : Thankyo

Judith : Thanks very useful !

Get FREE bitesize education with IFSQN webinar recordings.
Download this handy excel for desktop access to over 180 Food Safety Friday's webinar recordings.

Check out IFSQN’s extensive library of FREE food safety videos

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