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Protein Testing Lab

protein PER CANADa FAO who PDCAAS method FO-1

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Posted 10 November 2016 - 07:40 PM

Established PER's are listed in the table Protein Efficiency Ratios. For those not already established, it is the manufacturer's responsibility to determine the PER. The official method for determining the PER is Method FO-1, October 15, 1981 PDF (213 kb).

It is Health Canada's position that the official method must be used to support any protein claim. However, a manufacturer that sells a product with no established PER can use another method to determine protein quality in relation to casein, such as the PDCAAS method (protein digestibility - corrected amino acid score) and it would be advisable for the manufacturer to keep on file the information and references used to make that determination. If the protein claim is in question, then Method FO-1 would be used for verification.


The PER of two sources cannot be added to calculate the total PER of a food with multiple sources of protein. If the total PER of a food with multiple protein sources/mixture of proteins is unknown, it can be estimated by determining the PDCAAS of the mixture of proteins in the final product as described in the FAO/WHO publication on the PDCAAS method - PDF (3,959 kb). The PDCAAS obtained can be used to estimate the PER and then this can be used in the protein rating calculation for the purpose of making a claim.



i need to find a lab that can do the 2 tests  referenced above  to test  some products which need to have protein claims. Anyone know a  lab like that. Please assist


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Posted 17 November 2016 - 07:46 PM

Dr Vu, did you try googling accredited food lab toronto?  then call and ask?

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