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Metal Detector Validation and Process

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Posted 07 June 2017 - 06:14 PM


I work at a small bakery that only bakes frozen bread, and will be audited in a few months. One requirement from the company is having a metal detector with the validation and the process. What would the validation entail? I searched online and came across this document: 




Should my document be similar? 


As for the process, would it simply mean how to use it (i.e. the steps)?









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Posted 07 June 2017 - 07:05 PM

from the FSEP manual-----you may want to start using FSEP as your guide, with the new SFCR that will be starting rollout in spring 2018, they will ensure your plan is robust enough to remain in compliance

Where applicable, the establishment has and implements a documented program for
monitoring equipment such as filters, sieves, magnets, metal detectors, x-ray equipment,
optical sorting equipment, scanner technology, in-line container cleaning, etc. that is/are
used to detect and/or remove foreign materials. The program includes but is not limited
• A list of foreign material detection and/or removal equipment used at the
• Where applicable, the sensitivity of detectors and best practices that must be
applied to reach this sensitivity (e.g. the nature of the food, sizes of food,
packaging, location of equipment, speed of lines, potential environmental effects,
• Where applicable, the mesh and/or gauge size of filters and sieves
• Where applicable, the strength of magnets
• The names or titles of personnel responsible for ensuring that the equipment is
working effectively
• The methods, instructions or procedures for tests or observations to be
• The frequency of the tests or observations to be performed
• The corrective actions to be taken on the equipment and on the product when the
equipment is not working effectively*
• The record(s) to be completed
The program shall also include procedures to follow when products are rejected by
detection systems or when foreign materials are removed by removal systems. The
procedures include but are not limited to:
• Controls/mechanisms in place to ensure that the rejected product is effectively
segregated and managed
• The names or titles of personnel responsible for examining any rejected products
or removed foreign materials, investigating the cause of the rejection and the
presence of foreign material, and applying corrective measures**
• Methods or instructions for examination of rejected products
• The record(s) to be completed.
*When a detector is discovered not to be working during a test, the corrective actions
must include a combination of segregation and re-inspection of all products that have
passed through the detector since it was last tested to be working. Where defective
filters, sieves or magnets are identified, the potential for contamination of products shall
be investigated and appropriate actions taken.
** Including analysis of the results of the investigation performed on rejected product to
determine if trends exist (i.e.: multiple false rejections) that may suggest an error with the
detector or indicate that the settings are too sensitive for a particular product and require
Note: Calibration and maintenance of equipment used to detect and/or remove foreign
materials are covered under - C.1.2 Equipment Maintenance and Calibration

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