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Can we store finished packaging product directly on the floor?

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#1 mjaecurry


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Posted 01 May 2018 - 02:45 PM



I am new to forum and I have a question: 


I work in plant that manufactures direct contact food packaging (Styrofoam and Paper Pulp to go packaging.) the plant is moving towards being SQF certified. Products are manufactured and shipped from this location. After the product is made and boxed the boxes are stacked on the floor. 


My question is- do we need to have the finished product palletized instead of on the floor?  I come from food manufacturing where this would never be a question, here in packaging I am not sure.  


Any input would be appreciated. 





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Posted 01 May 2018 - 03:08 PM



All finished packaging material should be off the floor, even if they are in they are boxed.


I believe the corresponding code to SQF Code is (iii).

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#3 Sharon (Dewsbury)

Sharon (Dewsbury)

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Posted 03 May 2018 - 09:09 AM

We are a packaging manufacturer and we box all our products. we do not put them directly on the floor. They are pallatised. In areas which are too small we have angle iron runners welded together in a rectangular shape to sit the boxes on. Even the empty ones. In addition we have a layer card on the pallet beneath the boxes.We have been audited to BRC several times and this is a method we have developed to address their expectations.

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#4 matthewcc


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Posted 04 May 2018 - 03:25 PM

When it will come into direct contact with food, I would treat the packaging material like food and treat it with all consequent care and concern.  I would keep the boxed product off of the floor at all times.  Anything less would be desecrating a critical packaging component.

#5 romanfj


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Posted 14 May 2018 - 03:24 PM

Wrapped or otherwise, your raw materials, WIP and product need to be off the floor.  This usually means putting them on skids


The sole exceptions I know to this are mill rolls from the paper mill and drums/pails of liquids.  We don't store our wrapped mill rolls on skids, but we do strip off several outer layers of raw paper as waste before use, as well as trim off the edges of the rolls. 


As for drum/pails, I actually had one auditor force use to put them on skids.  However, I've been through a lot of audits in 20 years and never have had anyone else tell me buckets and drums need to be off the floor.

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