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Training requirements for SQF Practitioner substitutes

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#1 Sarah72


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Posted 13 February 2019 - 06:47 PM



We are an SQF certified facility and I was wondering if anyone has any information on training requirements of substitutes.


My substitute for SQF practitioner last had her HACCP training over 5 years ago.


I was wondering if the training requirements of substitutes were the same as the people usually responsible for the tasks. Especially since she has never needed to replace me for more than a week, it seems wasteful for a small company to have to spend double the training costs of courses for a just-in-case type situation.


However I do not want to risk a non conformity if this is something that is considered a requirement.


Has anyone encountered this situation, and do you have any information that could help?


Thank you,

#2 SQFconsultant



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Posted 13 February 2019 - 06:55 PM

Hi Sarah..

By substitute I assume you mean your cover person for SQFP in the event of absense, illness, etc.

The requirements for your "provision to cover" is the same as your requirements - full time at that location, responsible/management level, HACCP trained, etc.

So everything the code requires of you as the SQFP is required for your cover.

As to the 5 years - as long as he/she has proof (certificate) that should be fine to satisfy.

Kind regards,
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#3 majoy


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Posted 13 February 2019 - 06:58 PM

When I had my maternity, my assigned back-up has a HACCP training on her belt and work experience. As long as it is clear that the SQFP or back up SQFP (stated in job description or any other document) will assume all responsibility stated on in your absence and that there is a program with compliance to, I dont see any additional training needed.


We had SQF Ed 8 audit in Nov and no issues with the auditor.

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