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Continuous Monitoring Temperature of freezer and coolers 3PL

temperature monitoring 3PL

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Posted 21 March 2019 - 02:50 PM

I have a few buildings and am looking for a system to monitor temperatures and maybe humidity.  Of course it has to be inexpensive, something QA never hears.  It would also be implemented at different sites and just monitor the environment of coolers and freezers.


The system would need to be WiFi to keep the cost low, allow for alerts via email and most of all log the temps.  I've seen a bunch of systems but maybe someone here has one they would recommend. So far Monnit seemed to fit that need. 


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Posted 21 March 2019 - 03:13 PM



If you just need temperature logging, you might want to look at: https://www.sensor-swarm.com/.  Subscription service.  $75 annually (cheaper if you do 3-years).  They will swap out for free if the battery goes down too far.  Nicest thing is that they don't require calibration.  Huh?  No ice slurries?  What?  Yes, that is correct and it is per the manufacturer.  They use some new type of tech that doesn't degrade over time.  They have documentation to that effect and you get a NSIT certificate for each device. 


We've got two and they work fine.  Their logic to set up a unit is a little clunky, but once you understand it, it's really quick and easy.  Took me about 15 minutes to have the whole thing done for the second unit.  Works well with our Wi-fi.  The alert logic is nice because you can add a time element (only notify once the temp has been above X for Y).  You also decide how frequently you want to get temps.  They can push a weekly email PDF report documenting any alerts, but if you want all of the data points, you have to go and download it yourself.  I'm just getting mine monthly for auditing.  They have been very responsive when I've had questions.  Their logic would appear to work well with different locations, but I've not tried that.  In talking with one of the principals, he said that working on deals with several national restaurant chains to monitor their coolers.  


If you want one that also does humidity, try https://temperaturestick.com/sensors/.  $150 to own.  No fees for access to data logging.  We don't use in a cooler environment; just a quality application.  No means to calibrate though, so auditors will frown mightily.  


Good luck.



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