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Mold remediation and temporary moving processing areas

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Posted 16 November 2021 - 06:08 PM

Hi, first time poster (QA/QC Manager)

My facility needs to remediate an area of our building for mold. It has not caused any significant issues but we are handling it asap. We need to close operations for production and move all of our inventoried products into a temporary holding situation. Also we pull from stock to fill orders and our landlord is providing us with an alternative office space for shipping and order fulfillment. I anticipate needing to clean all of the packages as they are moved to another temporary area and also conduct environmental monitoring (at minimum ATP swabs to verify there is no contamination before and after remediation. I am feeling overwhelmed with movement of operations into another building temporarily. Does anyone have any insight into how I should document this remediation? We are a small one building operation and this is the largest disruption to normal operations we have ever encountered. I appreciate any insights. I need to be ready to physically move products in about four weeks. Thank you.



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Posted 16 November 2021 - 06:55 PM

1)  Ask the remediation company to prepare a statement outlining all the measures they will take before, during and after remediation 


2) CLEARLY record the last production date on multiple records


3)Order carton liners, use those to put your finished good in inside NEW cartons. Order security tape and use it to close all boxes as pallets are built for shipping to new location, document that you did so


4) Inspect all boxes at the new location and ensure the tape is intact- document that you did so (photo evidence is useful here)


5) ATP swab probably won't work as even cardboard dust will give you a reading---if you packaging is well sealed, you shouldn't have any issues and there shouldn't be anything to remove from the packaging


6) send some fg and ingredients to a lab to verify that the mould has not infiltrated them. Use that together with all the other documentation as your product release


Best of luck

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