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Change of Address - EC1169/2009 Art. 9H

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Posted 21 February 2022 - 08:19 PM



Looking for some guidance as i have difficulties finding any information on it. 


According EC1169/2009, Article 9(h) it is mandatory to have the name or business name and address of the food business operator, on the foodstuff that is being marketed. 


But, how about when a food business operator changes it's address and has a lot of packaging materials still with the old address on the packaging material printed, how long is it allowed to use it up? The operator's name has not been changed, and is still a legal registered entity, just the address is no longer correct. 


Thanks for the help. 




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Posted 22 February 2022 - 08:35 AM

IIRC, 1169/2011 only defined a formal transition period for the "start" of the regulation, to define timescales for businesses to move to full compliance with the then-new regulation.

IMEX most regulators are fairly pragmatic in situations like yours, particularly if other contact details (e.g. website, social media if you use it on your labels) haven't changed. If you're able to do so in Norway then putting a postal redirect on mail for your former address would be sensible too.

In your situation I'd contact the regulator responsible (it would be Trading Standards in the UK, not sure what the equivalent is in Norway) and explain your situation to them. Given this proactive approach I'd expect them to allow you to run out the stock of old labels, particularly given that they will then be aware of the change in the unlikely event they get any queries from consumers or other regulatory bodies.

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Posted 22 February 2022 - 10:13 AM



What is your regulatory body for trade in Norway?  I thought I would build off of Phruit's response, so I looked up the ministry of trade but the website is a bit bare.  Not a lot to work with.  Ministry of Agriculture was also pretty bare and they do not have anything regulatory to read from as well.


Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries - regjeringen.no



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