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Device or sensor to check completeness part of packed product

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Posted 11 May 2022 - 01:23 AM

Hi all,

Our production process (instant noodles) is having problems with the completeness of the parts in the product, which is seasoning packs.
Is there a recommended sensor that can be used to detect the completeness of the seasoning during packing process?
Device must be at a low price. it should be not an x-ray or an accurate metal detector. thought about using a sensor that can detect metalized film packaging but we haven't got such a device on the market yet. Is any recommendations?
Our instant noodle product consists of one block of noodle cake, one pack of seasoning powder in a metalized film and 1 pack of seasoning oil in an opp film.


Thank you



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Posted 11 May 2022 - 12:06 PM

Will a scale work?  They come in many sensitivities and can be set to reject under/overs for probably significantly less than xray or MD

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Posted 12 May 2022 - 07:42 PM

What is your process for adding the seasoning packets to the noodle packs? I'm assuming the seasoning packet is added to the noodle package via a machine. If you have an engineering team available, you could devise a system based on sensor detection and moving guide rails. It would require the use of a sensor installed in the part of your process when seasoning packets are added to the noodle package. Here's my idea, which assumes that the packet is dropped into the noodle pouch in some way.


- As the seasoning packet is dropped into the noodle pouch, it passes in front of a sensor which can register disruptions in the sensor beam's path.

- If the sensor detects a packet passing in front of it, a guide rail or flap switches on the production line to guide the completed package towards the normal production path.

- The guide rail is timed based on your belt speed to activate as product approaches it. Therefore, while the sensor is not registering seasoning packets, the rail instead directs the line towards a rejection/rework channel. This channel would be intended for noodle packages that do not have seasoning packets added.


Well...it's a very convoluted and roundabout idea, but it was interesting to come up with! Scampi's suggestion is much more straightforward, but I wanted to brainstorm more  :biggrin:. Here is a link to a sensor manual that may be suited for this process. I like Scampi's scale idea, but my only concern would be the rejection criteria of the scale involved. Would the scale's rejection criteria for expected weight with or without seasoning packet not conflict with the allowable weight variations in the rest of the product? Given that the seasoning only accounts for a small portion of the total weight, it may be difficult to tell when you're slightly low on noodles vs missing a packet.

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