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Food Safety - The Stampede Meat Solution

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Posted 13 October 2004 - 07:54 PM

Something to think about:
With USDA recalls averaging three per week and food borne pathogens costing billions of dollars in lost sales, medical costs and legal expenses not to mention damage to a brand, food safety is top of mind for both foodservice operators and their suppliers.

For the last decade in the meat processing business, having a recall has not been a matter of 'if' but rather one of 'when'. Origination plants or packing houses have implemented many antimicrobial hurdles such as steam pasteurization and phosphate rinses but still pathogens are transferred onto meat surfaces, packaged and sent to unsuspecting destination plants. These further processors have expected the problem to be solved upstream but in reality, many intrinsic factors prevent this. Every animal is a potential pathogen-carrier and the bacteria thrive in the environment right outside the fabrication plant, and hence exist inside as well. The nature of the process is such that adequate pathogen reduction is not currently possible at the origination plant level.

Stampede Meat, has pioneered a system that is currently the most effective antimicrobial intervention for sub-primal beef cuts. Every piece of raw beef material entering Stampede's new production facility is sprayed with acidified sodium chlorite (ASC) in a water solution.

In 2003, Stampede Meat conducted extensive microbial testing on raw material, finished product, marinades, air and both contact and non-contact surfaces. Raw materials were the only tests that were ever positive - a more frequent occurrence than you'd want to know. As a part of the food safety program in the new facility, Stampede Meat implemented an antimicrobial intervention step for 100% of the beef raw material the company

-Widely used on poultry for 7+ years now and for many years before that on dairy cattle udders
-Killing, not just wounding, a broad spectrum of organisms - bacteria (such as E. coli and Salmonella), viruses, yeasts and molds
-99% reduction in E. coli and 99% reduction in Salmonella (as shown in studies conducted by
-Stampede which closely mirror the findings of Texas A&M and ABC Research)
-Leaving no residue
-Causing no change in texture or flavor
-The application system is fully automated and specifically designed for each sub-primal. Pumps are controlled by microprocessors.

Ninety-nine percent of salmonella and E. coli are removed with this system. As a result, Stampede Meat and its customers do not have to feel like players in a game of Russian roulette, wondering if the next chamber is loaded with a 'food borne illness' bullet.

learn more at www.stampedemeat.com
Stampede Meat, Inc. :D

Charles Chew

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Posted 14 October 2004 - 05:31 AM

Intervention steps taken at every processing plant are an essential part of any microbial control activities in facilities worldwide. Cross contamination is another issue that is beyond the control of the producer once product leave the facility site / distribution to point of sales through to customers.

It is not only about the internal food chain and by and large, from the macro outlook, the bigger picture of the external food chain and the chain of responsibilities thereon remain extremely dynamic.

With respect to the antimicrobial system you have mentioned, how come such a "perfect" system has yet to be globally embraced while the rate of product recall remain consistently high in the USA.

Puzzled :uhm: Please explain more.

Charles CHew

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Charles Chew


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Posted 15 October 2004 - 10:48 AM

I thinking maybe it was an advertisement. The meat looks good though, if you want to send me some samples. :P


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