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Behavioral Based Food Safety

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$97.00 (EU/UK Customers Charged 20% VAT)  

Webinar Recording:

This online training course was held live on 19 January 2018. Purchase the recording to experience the full 3 hour training session along with the presentation slides, end test and certificate.

All organizations throughout the food supply chain have an obligation to human health and wellbeing. Nobody should ever become ill or injured from the food they eat. To fully realize this obligation. it is necessary to establish, implement and maintain a comprehensive, and preferably certified, Food safety Management System (FSMS).

One of the key elements of any FSMS is establishing an effective employee compliance strategy which includes a combination of tools designed to tackle the obstacles that may stand between desired and actual employee behaviours.

In this online seminar we will learn essential tools which can be used to ensure compliance with required food safety behaviours. The material is based on The MACK model (Motivation, Ability, Consciousness, Knowledge) for understanding the human factor in food safety.


Dr. David Rosenblatt, Training Specialist, Sher Consulting and Training
Facilitator: Simon Timperley, Administrator, IFSQN

Cost per attendee: $97.00 USD

Training Course Outline:

The Behavioral Based Food Safety Webinar is suitable for all decision makers anywhere along the food and feed supply chain from farm to fork.

This Webinar will be especially beneficial for HR personnel, food safety managers, trainers and consultants.

The training program consists of a 3 hour webinar with polls and question and answer sessions. After the Webinar there is an online test covering the topics taught in the course. An IFSQN Academy certificate is awarded to all candidates that pass the exam.

All attendees receive:

• Copy of the training material (PDF)
• Personalized IFSQN Training Academy Certificate awarded on successful completion of the course and end test
• 30 day access to the webinar recording

Topics include:

• The Poka-Yoke approach to preventing unavoidable human error
• Effective tools for delivering and verifying knowledge
• Verifying ability and encouraging employees and managers to admit inability
• Tools to reduce employee forgetfulness regarding food safety related tasks and requirements
• Diagnosing individual motivational drivers and subsequently establishing a comprehensive program to enhance employee willful compliance

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