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Forklift Inspection Records

Forklifts Warehouse

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#1 Elleflores619


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Posted 17 August 2017 - 07:56 PM

Good day all,

I was wondering if anywhere in the BRC Guide states how often Forklift Inspections need to be done and do I have to maintain those records ?

Please advise.


Thank you,



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#2 Breezysharp


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Posted 18 August 2017 - 01:30 AM

Well, I will know the answer soon myself. But ask ur self a few questions first. Does the fork lift have glass, hard plastic, ceramic etc? More than likely yes.


Next, what do we do with items that have glass, hard plastics etc? Put them on a register.


Next we need to do a risk assessment, chance the glasses, hard plastics ect may break? Low, medium or high? What's the potential it would get in to product and what would happen (significant risk damage) if it did get in to product?


The answer to those questions will help determine the frequency of that particular inspection. ( not all things on that register will require the same frequency of inspections as some things are low risk and some are high) so I would say yes, the brc has a control of foreign material reqirment which would require a glass and hard plastic register by default. It may not state how to satisfy the clauses specifically, but a register with a determined frequency would satisfy it.


I'm sorry, very tired n not thinking very clear. Hope this helps. U can always call xxx. I'm just learning myself, I'm haccp certified, pcqi certified and just went through brc training. Keep at it! No dumb questions with this stuff, it can be tricky! But it becomes a lilll more clear as each day passes.

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