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  • Claims

    12 minutes ago

    How can one validate claims made on a product( Oil), what are the steps to follow for the validation and verification?1. Source of Omega 32. Vegan3... more
  • What does present in same facility mean?

    Today, 02:58 PM, Replies: 2

    I have only a limited number of allergens in my facility. However, I originally thought that since my lunchroom is in the same building as my Ingre... more
  • Microbes in Coconut Water

    Today, 09:39 AM, Replies: 3

    Dear Team,                  Any one confirm. Bacillus cereus & Clostridium spoil the Coconut... more
  • Handwashing Sink Location

    Yesterday, 10:42 PM, Replies: 5

    Hi there, I am the operations manager for a new company in the US that will be producing plastic bottles for food packaging.  We are curr... more
  • Microbiological testing for frozen breads, pasta, vegetables and ready meals

    Yesterday, 08:24 PM, Replies: 4

    Say there is a BRC accredited "Broker of ambient dried pasta and frozen bread & pizzas, filled & unfilled pasta, vegetables, ready meals, r... more
  • Handwashing Sink Location

    2 minutes ago

    It all depends on your Risk. I have been to bottling facilities that done one or the other. If there is a door between you can have a kick plate or... more
  • What does present in same facility mean?

    7 minutes ago

    I store and use ingredients that contain milk, wheat, tree nuts, etc. Obviously the allergens that are brought in for lunch may contain any possibl... more
  • Handwashing Sink Location

    10 minutes ago

    Are you going for certain certification? At a plant I worked at in packaging, our hand wash sinks were in the break room and there was a door... more
  • What does present in same facility mean?

    12 minutes ago

    Are you storing actual ingredients with allergens? Or are you asking if you need to state all the big 9 as there is no control on what staff b... more
  • Handwashing Sink Location

    14 minutes ago

    Are you going for certain certification? At a plant I worked at in packaging, our hand wash sinks were in the break room and there was a door... more

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Services in connection with the food safety - GFSI requirements for transport Upcoming Webinar

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Speaker Photo All GFSI benchmarked and recognized food safety standards have those requirements for purchasing of services in connection with food safety. One of the important services is the transport of raw materials, ingredients, or finished products. Mainly requirements for transport in food standards are focused on the hygiene of tran... more

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  • It is well known that food facilities shall do a food fraud mitigation assessment. Several standards have their own guidelines, started by BRCGS already in its version 7. This version emphasized that the vulnerability assessment is a specialized form of risk assessment. Today it is used by most of the facilities to assess and evaluate the food fraud mitig... more