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  • Country of Origin on Packaging

    Today, 10:45 AM, Replies: 3

    Hi, hope you are all well, I always have been told by trading standers that the country of origin of a single raw product i.e. pulses from the... more
  • Return On Investment of Product Inspection Devices

    Yesterday, 05:29 PM

    File Name : Return On Investment of Product Inspection DevicesFile Submitter : Simon File Submitted : 30 Sep 2022File Category : Food Safety Friday... more
  • Baking Validation studies

    Yesterday, 04:55 PM, Replies: 1

    Hi all, I have database access through my university, but I am coming up totally short in finding relevant documentation. FSMA Inspectors told... more
  • Return On Investment of Product Inspection Devices

    Yesterday, 04:35 PM

    https://youtu.be/GN0moEaxpaU Click here to view the video more
  • Certifications

    Yesterday, 02:04 PM, Replies: 1

    Hey everyone, My name is Dorsey Neil. I work at Ventura Foods in Chambersburg PA. I have been employed here for 18 years. I am looking to expand my... more
  • Country of Origin on Packaging

    Today, 05:26 PM

    Hi, I think they base their requirement on FSA advice: https://www.reading.ac.uk/foodlaw/pdf/uk-07038-draft-country-of-origin.pdf Did they giv... more
  • Country of Origin on Packaging

    Today, 04:45 PM

    Hi sjegorov, Thank you for getting back to me, so it is a plane OPP pack with dried green peas from the USA, but the packer has been told... more
  • Country of Origin on Packaging

    Today, 04:24 PM

    Hi, It's hard to answer without seeing your label. To me if it's a plain label without artwork it's OK without a country of origin. On the oth... more
  • Required Micro test for Syrups

    Yesterday, 06:24 PM

    For the FDA, look at Appendix 1: Potential Hazards for Foods and Processes. This will show you the risks of the item in the US. Note: In the U... more
  • Certifications

    Yesterday, 06:14 PM

    Hi Dorsey, welcome. Interestingly enough I was at your facility years ago to do an inspection. more

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  • It is well known that food facilities shall do a food fraud mitigation assessment. Several standards have their own guidelines, started by BRCGS already in its version 7. This version emphasized that the vulnerability assessment is a specialized form of risk assessment. Today it is used by most of the facilities to assess and evaluate the food fraud mitig... more