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  • Verification of Critical limit - Failsafe testing - Template report

    Today, 06:14 AM, Replies: 1

    Dear All, I'm looking for a template protocol/report to test fail-safe function at defined Criticial limits of CCP/oPRP? Do you have such temp... more
  • Cleaning the inside of processing equipment

    Yesterday, 11:49 PM, Replies: 1

    Hi all, I am looking for the chemicals or service you use to clean the inside of your processing equipment. It is a closed system like a beer... more
  • Cleaning Chemical Test Strips

    Yesterday, 08:55 PM, Replies: 1

    What's your favorite brand of cleaning chemical dilution test strips?I need quat and chlorine:Quat (food contact surface): 200-400 ppmBleach (restr... more
  • Hello

    Yesterday, 04:40 PM, Replies: 2

    Hello,  I just wanted to briefly introduce myself. I work for a small food company as a quality assurance specialist. I have been in this... more
  • Signature of Approval

    Yesterday, 02:53 PM, Replies: 4

    Hi everyone- Quick question. I recently went through the company I work for HACCP plan/binder and updated, revised, and reformatted the entire plan... more

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  • Enterprise Business Development Manager

    6255 Jade Court, Richmond, BC, Canada  |  Canada
    Icicle Technologies Inc. is a software company that is redefining the landscape of food production and food safety. The Enterprise Busine... more
  • Software Training Specialist

    6255 Jade Court, Richmond, BC, Canada  |  Canada
    The Training Specialist is responsible for creating amazing client experiences by assessing, designing, developing, implementing, and mai... more

Upcoming 4-Hour Live Training Webinar

Taking Place: 06 Aug 2021 - 02:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Speaker Photo This interactive IFSQN 4-hour online training webinar will enable your food safety team to develop practical knowledge on how to implement all the steps to have a fully developed food defense and food fraud plan. The course is suitable for food safety team members involved with food defense and food fraud... more

Food Safety Fridays - Next Live Webinar

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Understanding the difference between PRP, OPRP & CCP – An introduction Upcoming Webinar

Taking Place: 27 August 2021 - 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Speaker Photo If you are a food safety practitioner you will no doubt have heard of and may even be confused by the terms PRP, PRP, and CCP. In this webinar, we will demystify and clarify these terms by providing a factual and accessible account of the history of each and their role in the modern food safety system. more

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  • Annual Premium Membership

      by SpradlinFoods   03 Jun 2019
    Great site, great products!!!!!
  • BRC Food Safety and Quality Management System for Food Manufacturers - Issue 8

      by letub   03 Jun 2019
    What a great time saver that was well worth the money. I figured up the time saved by purchasing this system was easily 30 days. The procedures were well written and exactly what my auditor was looking for and did not question them one bit. All that was needed was changing the company logo, I cha......more
  • Practical HACCP Training for Food Safety Teams

      by chrjackson32   20 Jun 2019
    A good refresher training going through all HACCP principles
  • Annual Premium Membership

      by Misti2019   05 Jun 2019
    Hello, This has been very with learning and implementing new things around food safety. I really like that discussions that take place and how everyone is encouraged to join in. I also like that everyone is able to share forms, research and able to ask questions. This is something everyone can b......more

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  • Free Webinar: Expecting the Unexpected with your Pest Control  Taking place: August 04, 2021 - 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM UK, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST. Presenter: Frank Meek, BCE, Technical Services Manager, Orkin, LLC 2020 was a challenging year for many things including regulatory processes for food safety. With impacts on day-to-day operations from... more