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Icicle Technologies Inc.

Icicle Technologies Inc. is a software company that is redefining the landscape of food production. Icicle's flagship product is Icicle ERP, a comprehensive food manufacturing system that provides a full suite of intuitive and innovative features necessary to plan and manage every aspect of food production operations.
Added 13 July 2021 - 09:24 PM
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Icicle Technologies Inc.
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6255 Jade Court, Richmond
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BC, Canada
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About Icicle Technologies Inc.

Icicle is an advanced food production software that enables food processors and producers to manage most aspects of their food business in one unified system. Through connecting food safety, traceability, quality assurance, inventory, procurement, production, maintenance, and more, Icicle simplifies operations and ensures compliance with the latest industry standards so users can focus on profitability, growth, and long-term goals.

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