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Are we allowed to hire felons per SQF?

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#1 joemcdonald479


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Posted 07 February 2018 - 05:02 PM

Hello all! I have a quick question. Are we allowed to hire felons per SQF?

#2 Sabear


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Posted 07 February 2018 - 05:13 PM

I would say no. As long as they are capable of performing their job.

#3 Sabear


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Posted 07 February 2018 - 05:15 PM

Need to clarify. I meant that SQF doesn't mention anything about who you can or can't hire. (Not that I have read anyways) 


As long as they receive the proper training to be able to perform their job correctly.

#4 GMO


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Posted 07 February 2018 - 06:13 PM

I once had an applicant who had no applicable experience and had spent a long time in prison.  I didn't hire him but worried what I would / should do if he had the right experience for the role.  

In the UK, the person only needs to declare the conviction if it's not "spent" and sentances over 4 years are never "spent" so would always have to be declared.  Selfishly I'd want to know the reason for the conviction.  I might feel differently if it was "food fraud" to if it was "dangerous driving" especially if the person no longer drove.  Likewise if it was a violent crime I'd be concerned about the safety of other employees.  But I also firmly believe in peoples ability to reform and that people should have a second chance and the law in the UK protects people with spent convictions from being descriminated against unless there is good reason (e.g. they need a records check to work with kids.)  

So I guess as some sites have SQF in the UK they can't discriminate as above even if SQF asked you to.

Interestingly, there are a few prison restaurants now in the UK, here's one of them in Brixton:



#5 MWidra


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Posted 07 February 2018 - 09:28 PM

I agree with GMO, it would depend on the conviction. From a food defense standpoint, people who have been convicted of some kind of terrorism would not be a wise choice. And violent crimes could be a concern for workplace violence.


So, it depends.


But SQF probably only wants to know that you are screening your employees, not who you are employing.



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#6 jcieslowski


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Posted 07 February 2018 - 10:37 PM

Per SQF, yes.  Would I hire the felon that was convicted for intentionally contaminating salad bars at grocery stores?  Uh... no.

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