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Covid-19 Outbreak & Preventive Measures at Work place

Posted by mahantesh.micro, 30 April 2020 · 3,208 views

What is a Virus?
Virus is defined as "Ultramicroscopic, obligatory intracellular paracites" which means they can not be seen through ordinary compound microscope and they cannot replicate or live outside the host cell. Viruses can only be seen through electronic microscope as the size of these viruses is very very small which is in the range of 30 nm to 200 nm which is nothing but 10-40 times smaller than bacteria.


Viruses are not classified as living creatures as they do not meet the characteristics of living creatures. Viruses only have outer protein coat and inner Core containing either DNA(Deoxiribonucleic acid) or RNA (Ribonucleic acid) single of double stranded.


As for as Covid-19 is concerned it is believed that it is mutated form of Corona virus which causes flu in humans.


Preventive measures.
As all you know the best preventive measure is maintaining 2 meter distance from each other.
WHO and other Governmental organizations have given us clear cut guidelines, Dos and Donts during this Pandemic situation.


But at work place it is highly difficult to execute these preventive measures. May be following guidelines are helpful.


1. Make a cross functional team with one coordinator.
2. Have meeting (Following social distancing) with these people and prepare plans to prevent the spread of covid-19.
3. Display best hygiene practices at prominent places.
4. Wear mask at work places if required.
5. Frequently wash hands with liquid soap/soap or use alcohol based hand sanitizer.
6. When employees coming back to work from their native places, we should keep them in home quarantine for 14 days and monitor them on regular basis.
7. Inform all staff /workers to intimate to top management if they develop any signs of flu, give them paid leaves.
8. Avoid issuing tablets /medicines of any kind to employees at work place.
9. Check body temperature of each employees while entry and exit.
10. Avoid entry of any visitors to the factory.
11. Incoming trucks should be sprayed with 1% chlorine.
12. Outgoing vehicles should be inspected, cleaned and disinfected before loading any goods.
13. Any bills/courier received must be handled such a way so as to avoid infection.
14. Document all the action plans taken to prevent covid-19 spread as a part of your emergency preparedness plan during Public health emergency/outbreak/pandemic


Hope this helps


Thanks and Regards

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