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Would you buy food packaging from this supplier?

Would you buy food packaging from this supplier?

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    Can you spot the hazards?
    Cleaning building fixtures (fan etc.) over the production line. (Possibility of dust, metal etc)

    Eating & drinking on the production line.(Possibility of cross contamination etc)

    Mishandling of packaging film role. (Possibility of dust, dirt or microbes)

    Maintenance during production. (Possibility of physical, chemical hazard)

    Unhygienic or medically suspected behavior near production line.(Sniffing etc may spread microbial hazard)

    No use of hairnets (Possibility of physical hazard)

    Open garbage bins (Possibility of microbial or physical hazard)

    Direct entrance from toilet to production line (Possibility of microbial hazard)

    Open ink container near production line. (Possibility of chemical hazard)

    Overhead duct seem to be temporarily maintained. (Possibility of physical or microbial hazard)

    Opened panel of machine (Possibility of physical hazard)

    Poor tool hygiene / Mishandling of Maintenance tools. (Possibility of physical or microbial hazard)

    Spills and garbage on floor.(Possibility of physical or microbial hazard)

    Personal belongings (bag) in production area.(Possibility of physical or microbial hazard)
    Nice work Zeeshan. I think you will make a good auditor one day. :smile:

    Just a few to add:

    The guy is oiling the fan also (Possibility of chemical hazard)
    Exposed blade sticking out of overall pocket (Possibility of physical hazard)
    Female operator putting on make up (Possibility of physical or chemical hazard)
    Question whether the operator has washed his hands after visiting the toilet (Possibility of microbial hazard)

    Thanks for playing.


    Nobody saw the mice?

    Oh yes the little rodent in the bottom right. :smile: