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Food Safety & Hygiene Training for Food Handlers

* * * * - (3 customer reviews)

$57.00 (EU/UK Customers Charged 20% VAT)  

Next Live Training: None scheduled

Purchase the previous training recording (with 30 day access) to experience the full 4-hour training session along with the presentation slides, templates, and certificate of attendance. Make you choice for live or recording during checkout.

Instructor: Tony Connor, Chief Technical Advisor, IFSQN
Facilitator: Simon Timperley, Administrator, IFSQN

Cost per attendee: $57.00 USD

Training Course Outline:

The Food Safety and Hygiene Training Webinar for Food Handlers is a BASIC LEVEL program and is suitable for all personnel working in food manufacturing, food handling, food storage or food distribution operations providing the fundamental knowledge on food safety and hygiene.

The training webinar may be used as part of new starter induction or as a refresher for all staff as part of an ongoing food safety training program.

The training program consists of a 2 hour webinar with four presentations, polls and question and answer sessions. After the webinar there is an online exam and an IFSQN Academy certificate is awarded to all candidates that pass the exam.

All attendees receive:

  • Copy of the training material
  • Personalized IFSQN Training Academy Certificate awarded on successful completion of the course and end test
  • 7 day access to the webinar recording
The course is delivered in 4 sections followed by an end test:

1. Introduction to Food Safety and Hygiene
2. Food Contamination
3. Prevention of Contamination
4. Summary and Rules
5. Online Exam

1. Introduction to Food Safety and Hygiene

- What is food safety?
- What is food hygiene?
- What happens when things go wrong?
- Principles of food hygiene

2. Food Contamination

- Causes of food poisoning
- Types of contamination
- Common food poisoning bacteria
- Where contamination comes from
- Vehicles of cross-contamination

3. Prevention of Contamination

- Hygiene policy
- Hand washing
- Physical and chemical controls
- Food premises and equipment
- Maintenance
- Operational controls
- Critical control points
- Storage and temperature controls
- Pest control
- Cleaning
- Waste control
- Employee’s responsibilities

4. Summary and Rules

- Conclusion
- Ten rules of food safety and hygiene

5. Online Exam

Competency and understanding is verified by a 25 minute online exam consisting of 25 multiple choice questions covering the topics taught in the course.

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* * * * - by QA/QC Jun 05 2019 01:10 PM

This program gave me some excellent material to include in the Food Safety Training program at our company! Great work & thanks a lot!

* * * * * by Erica Kincaid Jun 05 2019 04:08 PM

We constantly return to IFSQN for our food safety training for our food handling staff. Over the past three years, our team has grown as well as our relationship with IFSQN. The training is easy to understand while being detailed enough for our food safety auditors approval. Having the ability for team members to take the course online is convenient and well received by new staff. Thanks IFSQN for being a top trainer in food safety issues!

* * * * - by Blessing Asuzor Jun 06 2019 03:13 PM

GOOD DAY IFSQN TEAM. My training on Food Safety and Hygiene Training for food handlers was fantastic. Well explanatory and detailed. Thanks