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Essentials in Petfood Safety

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$197.00 (EU/UK Customers Charged 20% VAT)  

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Purchase the previous training recording (with 30 day access) to experience the full 4-hour training session along with the presentation slides, templates, and certificate of attendance.

This interactive online training webinar will enable participants to develop practical knowledge of the principles of establishing and maintaining an effective petfood safety management system. The webinar provides key insights, emphasizing the uniqueness of petfood safety in comparison to food safety.

Instructor: Dr. David Rosenblatt, Director of Learning, Sher Consulting & Training Ltd.
Facilitator: Simon Timperley, CEO, IFSQN

Cost per attendee: $197.00 USD

Training Course Outline:

The petfood industry has seen some devastating petfood safety incidents in recent years and is continuously struggling with recalls and customer complaints.

Most often, decision makers in the field of petfood safety learn the science of risk assessment through human food courses and learning events.

This is often a reasonable solution, however; petfood is not human food and many safety aspects unique to the petfood industry are not adequately covered.

The course is suitable for decision makers in manufacturing of all petfoods, with the exception of raw foods, which will not be covered.

In this course, we will cover the essentials of petfood safety, including unique aspects such as nutritional inadequacy, mycotoxicosis, human pathogens transferred through petfood, etc.

Participants will be able to apply risk based thinking following the principles of HACCP and HARPC and learn from petfood case studies.

All attendees receive:

• Copy of the training material (PDF)
• Personalized IFSQN Training Academy Certificate awarded on successful completion of the course and end test
• 30 day access to the webinar recording

The course is delivered in 6 sections:

  • Introduction to petfood safety
  • Prerequisite programs (PRPs) (GMPs)
  • Identification and evaluation of hazards, including case studies
  • Choosing and classifying control measures
  • The petfood safety plan
  • Online test consisting of 20 multiple choice questions covering the topics taught in the course
List of topics covered:
  • Introduction to petfood safety management systems
  • Resources for establishing PRPs
  • Personal hygiene and zoning
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Risk based thinking methodology (HACCP/HARPC)
  • Biological hazards
  • Chemical hazards
  • Nutritional hazards
  • Control measures: CCPs and oPRPs
  • Validation
  • Critical limits
  • Monitoring
  • Corrections and corrective actions
  • Verification and re-validation

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