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Traceability, Withdrawal Management and Root Cause Analysis tools

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$97.00 (EU/UK Customers Charged 20% VAT)  

NEXT LIVE TRAINING: Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Alternatively purchase the training recording from April 16, 2021 to experience the full 4-hour training session along with the presentation slides, templates, end test and certificate of attendance.

Instructor: Vladimir Surčinski, Auditor and Trainer
Facilitator: Simon Timperley, Administrator, IFSQN

Cost per attendee: $97.00 USD

Training Course Outline:

Sometimes traceability is hard to understand and to implement. Specifically, in food production systems that include a large number of ingredients, packaging materials, and production steps. When traceability is not set right it becomes hard to perform activities such as recall or withdrawal of products.

In the certification process not understanding these processes and not implementing them correctly can lead to the nonconformities and even the loss of certification. In real-life situations, lack of understanding can lead to sanctions, loss of customer confidentiality, and business crisis.

With this webinar, we offer you the easiest way to understand traceability, recall, withdrawal, and how to implement them in a comprehensive way in your food production. Through the webinar, attention is given to the tools that you can use in everyday operations to find Root Causes and to prevent any further potential recall or withdrawal.

In this 4-hour training course, you will understand how to implement a traceability system in your food production, you will be able to simulate the recall/withdrawal process with a high success rate and your organization will have fast tools for finding and solving root causes that affects stability of the food safety system.

All attendees receive:

  • Copy of the training materials (PDF)
  • Personalized IFSQN Training Academy Certificate
  • 30 day access to the webinar recording
  • Exclusive post webinar contact with the presenter for further explanation and input
List of topics covered:
  • World trends that affect food industry changes
  • Changes that follow in certification schemes – GFSI
  • Different regulations and laws regarding food traceability
  • GFSI certification schemes traceability requirements (IFS, BRC, SQF, FSSC, Global GAP)
  • ISO 22000 traceability requirements
  • Main steps in developing traceability in food production
  • Practical examples of different types of traceability in food production
  • Identification and traceability of raw ingredients
  • Identification and traceability of packaging materials
  • Semi-finished products traceability
  • Final product labeling, identification, and traceability
  • Developing of records and procedures for traceability
  • Modern methods for traceability (QR codes, RFID, software tools etc.)
  • Understanding recall and withdrawal requirements – legislation
  • Understanding recall and withdrawal requirements – certification schemes GFSI, ISO
  • Developing procedures and implementation steps for recall and withdrawal
  • How to perform simulation/mock recall and withdrawal
  • Developing records for recall and withdrawal
  • Analysis tools to help decide when to perform recall and withdrawal
  • Practical tools for root cause identification
  • Implementation of corrective action plans and prevention of potential business losses