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New System Redefines Performance for GC-MS Applications

Jun 01 2015 06:08 PM | Simon in News

Laboratories performing food safety and authenticity, pharmaceutical, metabolomic, anti-doping and other analyses using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) can now achieve new levels of performance using high-resolution accurate-mass (HRAM) Orbitrap mass spectrometry, bringing the highest level of detection and identification capabilities to GC-MS studies.

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The International Food Safety & Quality Network Annual Conference

Jun 21 2015 06:47 PM | Simon in News

Food Safety Live is the world’s first online food safety learning and networking conference. Join us from the comfort of your own office and watch four unmissable live debates with our team of expert panelists.

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ACET Global Consulting to Provide IFS Academy Training

Jun 27 2015 06:08 PM | Simon in News

ACET Global Consulting LLC, a US-based global food safety organization is now an IFS Academy training provider. ACET Global has personnel and alliances worldwide having food safety and GFSI expertise including production, storage and distribution, and packaging materials.

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Product Withdrawal & Recall Survey

Jul 08 2015 10:21 AM | Simon in News

We asked the IFSQN members to share their experience with product recalls and withdrawals within their businesses. Below are the main findings along with some commentary and links to helpful information resources.

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The next revision of ISO 22000 is due 2017

May 05 2015 07:55 PM | Simon in News

ISO 22000:2005 Food safety management systems -- for any organization in the food chain was first published some 10 years ago and reviewed without changes in 2009. However, following a recent meeting of the ISO working group (ISO/TC 34/SC 17/WG 8) it has been announced that the standard will be revised with a target publish date of 2017.

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Mettler Toledo Vision Inspection System Combines Thorough inspection, Convenient Installation and Maximum Throughput

Mar 23 2015 08:23 PM | Simon in News

The versatile METTLER TOLEDO CI-Vision V6300 vision inspection system combines thorough product inspection with maximum production throughput and convenient installation. It is extremely flexible and able to adapt its physical structure, number of cameras and lights to meet the specific needs of each production line where it is installed. Users who begin by using the V6300 for a single inspection, for example, find it extremely simple to add more inspections as needed.

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International Paper Takes Extra Step to Safeguard Products

Mar 04 2015 06:28 PM | Simon in News

Demonstrating a strong commitment to the product safety needs of its customers, International Paper today announced its U.S. corrugated packaging container plants servicing food product customers will become Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified as measured against the IFS PACsecure Standard.

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New High Speed, Low Energy X-Ray Inspection System from Mettler Toledo

Feb 22 2015 08:20 PM | Simon in News

METTLER TOELDO developed the X36 Series of X-ray inspection systems to enable manufacturers of food and pharmaceutical products to inspect products for contamination at high production speeds (up to 300 products per minute) on both single and multiline operations, while reducing the energy requirements for doing so.

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Mettler Toledo’s New Profile Advantage Metal Detector Reduces False Rejects

Feb 09 2015 08:58 PM | Simon in News

Mettler Toledo has recently introduced a revolutionary breakthrough in metal detection sensitivity: the Profile Advantage metal detector. This inspection system’s new metal detection technology delivers unrivalled levels of detection sensitivity to maximize detection and ensure end-user’s brand protection.

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Webinar - GFSI for the Packaging Supply Chain

Jan 22 2015 07:42 PM | Simon in News

Food Seminars International, an organization specializing in technical webinars designed to provide information for food supply chain safety and quality initiatives, has announced the presentation of a webinar featuring IFS PACsecure. IFS PACsecure is a North American-based, GFSI benchmarked certification standard for packaging materials converters.

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