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Presumptive Identification of Microbes in Food Grade Air
Mar 27 2019  



Food is an essential requirement for the body, but it can also be a means of disease transmission if contaminated with microorganisms. In the United States, 48 million foodborne gastrointestinal illnesses occur annually, resulting in 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths (2). These statistics, while alarming, are only of incidences reported. Most foodborne illnesses are not severe enough to warrant a doctor’s visit. Food manufacturing facilities can do their part by monitoring microbial bioburden, not only of food products, but also of the high-risk equipment used in the manufacturing and packaging processes, such as compressed air systems. In food and beverage manufacturing, not only should the ambient air be tested, but also the final processed compressed air for particles (viable and non-viable), water, and oil contaminants. This article will focus on the sources and identification of microorganisms from sampled compressed air using microbial sampling and presumptive techniques. Employing these techniques can aid in manufacturing compliance, product integrity, and cost savings.

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New System Redefines Performance for GC-MS Applications
Nov 04 2018  

Laboratories performing food safety and authenticity, pharmaceutical, metabolomic, anti-doping and other analyses using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) can now achieve new levels of performance using high-resolution accurate-mass (HRAM) Orbitrap mass spectrometry, bringing the highest level of detection and identification capabilities to GC-MS studies.

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