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David Rosenblatt

Speaker Desigantion: Director of Training and Veterinary Consultant, Sher Consulting and Training
Speaker Information: Dr. Rosenblatt is co-owner and Director of Training at Sher Consulting and Training. After receiving his D.V.M. Degree at the Hebrew University's School of Veterinary Medicine, David worked at Unilever as Safety, Health, Environment and QA Manager for nine years. He subsequently served for four years as lead auditor for food safety and quality and chaired the food sector at the Standards Institution of Israel. Dr. Rosenblatt is a Senior lecturer on food safety at the Hebrew University and has extensive lecturing experience in numerous conferences and workshops on food and petfood safety and quality management. He is regularly invited to lecture in different countries. David is a member of the International Association for Food Protection.
Speaker Photo: https://www.ifsqn.com/forum/uploads/22567ccc4d82347566308c6112285e25.jpg


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