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Juliani Kitakawa

Speaker Desigantion: Food and Beverage Manager, DNVGL Brazil
Speaker Information: Food engineer, with an MsC in Food Technology and a Master’s degree in Business (Strategic and Economic Management), Juliani has 20 years of broad experience as auditor, as well as coordinator of quality and food safety schemes for management systems. She also worked with environmental, social responsibility and health and safety aspects for the management systems. At DNV GL, Juliani is responsible for business development and operations of certification, training and supply chain programs for food and beverage customers in Central and South America. She serves in quality and food safety technical committees, and is often to be met at conferences and events in the USA, UK, Norway, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Spain, Thailand, Germany and Malaysia.
Speaker Photo: https://www.ifsqn.com/forum/uploads/118e8b922bedbcc38ba969b460255e87.jpg