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Vladimir Surcinski

Speaker Desigantion: Food Safety Expert, Auditor and Trainer, IFSQN
Speaker Information: Food Safety expert with more than 10 years in food safety topics and implementation, training and auditing business. Food safety standards are my focus, still strongly included in standards for quality, environmental protection and health and safety. Currently on position of project manager for certification body of Quality Austria were i am also accredited auditor and trainer with more than 500 audits performed in different industries and more than 1000 persons trained. I have a vision of finding a new ways to analyse risks in food safety and defining of methods that will be used in industries cross the world. My strategy is to develop and research new topics in food safety,presenting them through the webinars,training's, forums,blogging and publications.
Speaker Photo: https://www.ifsqn.com/forum/uploads/6e2c7208ff9d64cc73c9a869093cb81e.jpg