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Yasser Mohamed

Dr. Yasser Mostafa is currently the Group Quality Assurance Manager at “Kharafi Global - GCC.” He is an ASQ - Certified Quality Manager, and an SGS - certified lead auditor for QMS, FSMS, EMS & OHSAS. He obtained his bachelor from Veterinary Medicine - Cairo University 1999. His experience in the quality and food safety field spans over fifteen years as he started his career in 1999 as a food safety and quality head for the regional food manufacturer “Americana” and then moved in 2006 to work as a quality assurance & food safety consultant for Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. He qualified more than 90 businesses in these countries against the requirements of quality & food safety standards until their systems were certified. In 2008, Dr. Yasser moved to Al Yasra Foods – Kuwait & KSA (one of the largest food distribution companies in the Middle East). He submitted 6 scientific abstracts in 6 different international quality & food safety conferences.

Speaker Desigantion: Group Quality Assurance Manager, Kharafi Global
Speaker Photo: https://www.ifsqn.com/forum/uploads/aa3a2b87581a8c79101b4606823c01ba.jpg


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