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The basics of Halal Food Manufacturing.

Posted by Zeeshan, 11 April 2014 · 8,379 views

Round the world people have many confusions over halal food manufacturing. Even Muslim manufacturer and consumers have contradictory views. Regardless of these confusions and contradiction there are some basics which must be considered by food manufacturer intended to comply with halal assurance requirements.

1- Knowledge of fundamental terms and definitions including SHARIAH, HALAL, HARAM, NAJIS, MASHBOOH, HALAL SLAUGHTERING, RITUAL CLEANSING.

2- Knowledge of Islamic SHARIAH regarding selecting and using halal ingredients and adopting halal practices.

3- Equal focus on hygiene practices in storing and preparation. Halal food being manufactured non-hygienically is likely to be rejected to claim as Halal food as according to Islamic Shariah, cleanliness (personal hygiene and surface hygiene) is half the faith and consuming halal food is a right and duty of a Muslim consumer.

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I live in Karachi Pakistan. The irony is that in many food stores, food products are exported from different parts of the world and despite products marked with a green colored halal , they were revealed to be containing haram ingredients like pig fats etc. In the past one year, occurrence of such incidents have risen. Last year probably, such an incident took place in Malaysia, where haram ingredients were found in a chocolate product against which people launched protests thereby. I request please No Deceit ; if one is purely halal , mark it halal . If haram , please say it clear. We avoid buying products form markets due to these issues and pick halal Pakistani food recipes from a website and suggests others also to not to take risk. It is better to get sweated in kitchen than eating haram foods knowingly or unknowingly.

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