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Increase Safety and Avoid Contamination in Food Processing

Posted by Shaun Heys, 27 February 2013 · 2,942 views

Recent headline-grabbing food safety scares are a stark reminder that food and drink processors cannot afford to take risks that could compromise their products.

While the focus is often on the safety of ingredients, contaminant risk in food and drink products is equally important.

That means eliminating the potential for contaminants to enter factory processes at every stage and includes plant and equipment maintenance procedures.

Not only is it vital to maintain your machinery correctly at the right intervals, it’s crucial that the correct food-grade lubricants are used. And there is no safer option than the FOODLUBE range of high performance lubricants from ROCOL. With 135 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing chemicals and lubricants for all industries including food, drink and clean industries, ROCOL continues to lead the market with innovative products designed to maximise customer productivity, protect their reputation and contribute to long term profitability.

FOODLUBE perfectly reflects this ethos offering a wide range of products specifically developed to meet the complex demands of the food and drink industry. All food-grade lubricants in this range are NSF H1 registered to provide independent, authoritative assurance that product formulations meet the required hygiene requirements for incidental food, cosmetics or animal feed contact.

Importantly for processors too, ROCOL is one of the few companies worldwide to achieve ISO 21469:2006 certification. This globally recognised hygiene certification assists food and drink processors in retailer, EFSIS and BRC audit compliance by providing auditors with a credible assurance that all ROCOL products are formulated, manufactured and supplied hygienically and safely.

Detectability reduces risks even further

NSF registration and ISO 21469 certification offer crucial safety assurances about lubricant formulation, but ROCOL has now become the first in the UK to add metal detectable packaging components as another layer of protection which counters the risk of foreign object contamination.

DETEX metal detectable plastic actuators and caps are now used on all aerosol cans for FOODLUBE food-grade lubricants. It means that, unlike traditional aerosol packaging, any FOODLUBE product caps and actuators can be identified using standard metal detection equipment should they become loose in food and drink processing areas.

The patent-pending DETEX caps and actuators are themselves manufactured from safe materials deemed acceptable by the US FDA for use in food processing plants.

Boosting productivity and brand protection

The addition of DETEX caps and actuators represents another step to help food and drink processors avoid costly downtime, product recalls and the risk of reputational damage. By using FOODLUBE food-grade lubricants, ROCOL offers assurances to manufacturers that contribute to their long term success.

That’s because ROCOL products provide safety assurance without compromising on their performance. FOODLUBE lubricants consist of the finest food-grade base oils, including synthetics, renewable oils and silicones, and they are treated with the most effective anti-oxidants and additives to specifically address the performance and application needs of today’s food and drink industries.

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