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International Forums

Posted by Jelena C, 24 March 2013 · 10,092 views

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There are so many International Forums all over the world but most of them are not of any use. Why something like this is happening? There are many of reasons but here I will give just some of them that are the most common by my opinion:

  • Companies are sending participants to Forums that are not experts and they deserved their place because they are just loud enough or in a good relationship to management or companies are sending people that are experts but without will to share or actively participate in the discussion and most like they are going to fall asleep during presentations.
  • For most of the participants from the undeveloped countries this the only chance to be far away from their small countries, in the so called big and shine cities and most of them are more interested into city sightseeing or shopping then to be with bunch of people they do not know in the big and fogy conference rooms.
  • Relating to presentations and work shops on the Forums when you look closer and deep into the contents, maybe every tenth presentation is original and well presented with intention to give something useful to listeners and to motivate them to do some brave new things and bring some good initiative into improvement of their business.
I would like from you to think clearly and to look deep in your mind and to share with us if you can point out just one International Forum that overall can be useful to visit and not to throw your money for nothing!

In my country of Serbia we are organizing International Forums in the Chamber of Commerce in the capital city of Belgrade, every year, FREE OF CHARGE. We have various themes on integrated management systems, international standards, food quality and safety etc. Many of our participants are very satisfied because we are trying to give them something they can use in their real professional life and not trying to talk just for talking like many of International Forums are organized.

What is your opinion? Please, comment on this blog topic. Give us good and bad examples.

Stay happy,


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I agree often they are a waste of money. I think the future is online networking and virtual conferences. No need to travel get the same information and discussion etc.


And, like I said, time goes by and there are still plenty of useless Forums all over the Planet, waste of time, waste of money...Still, we are still hoping that virtual Conferences will take over or at list real Conferences will be free of charge...Our QA Center organizing one more free entry Forum this year and we will continue to do this as long as there are benefits for all interested parties ;)


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I would not underestimate the power of personal contact you get at conferences and workshops. It is sad to hear that nothing has changed in my former country and conference attendees are selected based on other criteria, not based on need or knowledge. Regarding material presented at these conferences, the process of natural selection works in our favour; boring and uninteresting conferences will die out because professional public will choose those conferences that can benefit their business or career development. When it comes to paying attention to topics or sightseeing the city, a true professional should know where his/her priorities are, and these events are usually scheduled so you have enough time in the evening if you want to act touristy. Pozdrav Jeleni.

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