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Using Tools from the Past

Posted by MWidra, 25 February 2015 · 7,899 views

BRC science
So for the last 2 days I've been working on filling the gaps for attaining BRC certification. This will be an ongoing process for a little bit, I'm sure. What I have been doing is writing the documents, procedures, and finding the information that will be eventually be compiled into..

"The Tome"

In other words, the food safety and quality manual.

One of the requirements is to compile the information used to perform the hazard analysis.

The basic analysis was performed several years ago, so I have no idea if anything was formally read (I suspect not), so I began my hunt through PubMed and Google.

It was a fun exercise, because I had not done a literature search on an esoteric topic (like Salmonella in powdered cellulose and the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide in the pulp bleaching process) for over a year. That was back in my science lab manager days, and what I had researched back then was easier to find.

Found lots on Salmonella in low-moisture foods, but nothing on cellulose. Not too surprising, it's not a huge industry. The bleaching process was even less fruitful, but I did find some interesting information on current uses for chlorine dioxide for removing Salmonella. That got added to the hazard analysis, and I think it actually makes it better.

So I got to do some detective work, which I like. You don't stay in science for over 40 years if you don't, the pay's that bad. And I went back to my roots as well.

I like the idea that I can use all those tools that I learned on my travels to where I am today. It reinforces the idea that having those letters after my name would not guarantee that I would do any better than I already do. It makes me think of my father, who never went to college formally yet was highly regarded as a plant engineer in his day. He learned it all through experience and taking a few courses at night on the side.

I've always wanted to follow his path, I honored him while he was with us. And I think he's proud of me as he looks after how things run in Heaven.

Not a rant, some musings.


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Nice musings and I can relate.  Lately I miss my lab and healthcare beginnings.  Am wondering if it is time for a change.....

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