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Managerial Rhymes

Posted by Zeeshan, 11 April 2014 · 7,317 views

Managerial decision Rhymes:

1- Don't trapped in Groove - Improve or Remove -

Do not blame on things and people. Either improve them or remove them. Missing a single stitch in time will destroy your nines. While blaming things and people not only waste time and resources but also down the moral of people. Most probably the things or peoples were right but deputed to the wrong places.

2- Now or Never - Don't Hold Forever.

If you near to sure that a thing or matter will not be revived within a rough time period of 5 to 10 years then it is better to throw it away to junk. Experts believes that there is almost no chance that it will be revived in your life. There are more significant matters to be focused. Even if you hold and keep the matter in a dark room, it will occupy your precious space and memory and finally depreciated to zero value.

3- Day or Night - Fight for Right

If you are on the right side, you know the situation will become worst if any action would not be taken then "fight" for the right. It is your moral duty to highlight losses to organization under your domain. God has built in yourself the sense of right and wrong to go for right and to reject wrong. You have moral and ethical duty to go for right and do your best to make it effective. The extent of your "fight" however depends on your personal strengths. Expect for the worst reactions even from the side for whom you are fighting.

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Personal strength is always an issue most persons typically give up at the obstacle.

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