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Can quality be an effective tool when searching for a job in today's economy?

Posted by vonsigler, 28 October 2010 · 4,296 views

The worldwide recession has plunged many people and organizations into the heart of despair and the unknown future. The industrial might of the capalistic system which grew to unbefore known heights during the last century, has within a decade dropped to the lowest level worldwide since the pre-world war two years. What history has taught us is when times are tough people look to things that will last! Durable goods are an excellent example of how an intelligent person will carefully research and then purchase that item which will last well into the next decade and beyond. Quality will be King in the following decade. It is the foundation of industries that have succeeded in the past and those which have weathered the turmoil of the last three years. Quality not quantity nor low price will drive the world’s economies out of this recession. And the wise investor and person will have quality in their portfolio and on their resume. The worlds markets will need to remove the flood of paper money which was used as a stop gap measure to minimize the effects of the recession. As Great Britain is leading the way to be more careful with how much money is spent worldwide from its economy. So the rest of the world will be forced to do the same. This will make the quality of goods purchased extremely demanding. The volumes of capital in the past will not readily be available as before so consumers will shop quality as much as possible. The value of a quality education has been said for a long time; soon it will be the quality of everything possible which will be valued again. China will be well advised to invest in meaningful quality systems. Be prepared for regardless if you are almost retired or just getting out of school, some form of quality background is going to propel you to land your next job in immediate future!

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