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Building A Culture of Food Safety

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Added by cholmes, 28 Nov 2013

Taking place 22 Jan 2014 (Single Day Event)


Logo URL
Event Organizer NSF-GFTC
Contact Name Cindy Holmes
Contact Number 519-821-1246 x5046
Contact Email cholmes@nsf.org
Event Category Seminar
Event State/City Guelph, Ontario
Event Country Canada
Cost of Attendance $499.00
Event/Registration URL http://www.gftc.ca/courses-and-training/course-details.aspx?course=FSQ08

Event Description

Food safety culture is recognised as a key factor to achieving sustained food safety success. Food safety should be systems based: however, those systems are developed, implemented and maintained by people. The day-to-day behavior of an organisation’s employees and management both defines and reflects a company's food safety culture. Understand best practices and how to implement an effective and efficient food safety culture in your organisation.

A the end of this program you will be able to:

* Define food safety culture
* Discuss the importance of organizational culture and influence on food safety
* Differentiate between food safety culture and food safety program
* Understand methods for measuring and strengthening your company's food safety culture
* Learn how to link food safety culture to food safety program objectives
* Apply safety culture best practices within your organisation

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